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About Metalfrio Solutions


Metalfrio Solutions is a global company producing plug-in commercial refrigeration products. They are one of the largest refrigeration companies in the world, producing beverage coolers, food refrigerators and freezers, ice cream display cases, and bar refrigeration for retail businesses in varied markets. Metalfrio pays attention to the the needs of their customers' customers, so you can be assured that they have a product that will meet your requirements. They focus on not only producing dependable, innovative, high-quality equipment, but also on nurturing the experience of the point of sale for you and your customers. Their products will help you showcase your food and beverages with the best presentation possible.

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Getting To Know Metalfrio Solutions


 Production and Distribution

Metalfrio's production capacity has reached 1.5 million units per year. They have 4 production facilities located in Mexico, Turkey, Russia and Brazil. Their global distribution takes place through 220 distributors in over 80 countries.


Metalfrio Solutions has a reputation for reliability built on over 50 years of research, development, and customer feedback. Metalfrio is also considered environmentally friendly, being the first company to have a fully compliant eco-friendly production facility in Latin America.

 Focus on the Customer

Metalfrio Solutions understands the complete picture, from product concept development to production, distribution and service. They have a deep understanding of the business of their customers, with innovation allowing customized products to meet customer needs.


Metalfrio is one of the world's largest producers of plugin commercial refrigerators. Their high performance refrigeration products combine new technologies, continued quality, and reliability.


Metalfrio Solutions offers a complete lineup of commercial refrigeration equipment, including upright, horizontal and custom-made equipment. They are the largest commercial refrigerator facility in operation in Latin America.

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