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For over 60 years, True Manufacturing has garnered respect for their commitment to their customers and to their high performance refrigeration equipment. The established leader in the commercial refrigeration industry, True Refrigeration’s corporate responsibility is admirable as well, because they manufacture all of their commercial refrigeration in the USA. With remarkable innovation in refrigeration technology, True has won the “Best In Class” award from Foodservice Equipment and Suppliers Magazine for the last 11 consecutive years, for their ability to provide outstanding products (their upright/reach-ins and prep tables) and service. True Refrigeration continues to exceed customer expectations with design, quality, and customer service. Shop True Refrigeration at - We have a price match guarantee plus expert customer service, competitive prices! Call 877-900-4423.

True Refrigeration Customer Reviews


TRUE T-23 ENERGY STAR 23 Cu. Ft. Reach-In Refrigerator
This is the second unit that we purchased. We love everything about this refrigerator and the service we received. The T-23 truly is the best investment we made in our kitchen. We were using some off brand and it would break down every other month. You can tell that this is constructed with the end user in mind. Its a great value for the price. Thanks for reading this!
Nonna - (Posted on May 5, 2012)

TRUE TSSU-48-12 Sandwich/Salad Unit, 115v
After I installed this sandwich unit I had to write a review. I have four places and never had a true till recently. This unit was just perfect. Everything fit perfect and the doors are really heavy duty. This is going to make a huge difference in the kitchen. One thing I need to say is thanks to Ice machines plus for getting this to me in 4 days.
Allen - (Posted April 3, 2011)

Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 85 lbs Pearl Nugget Undercounter Ice Machine
The best investment that we made. We own a small store and our customers need ice for drinks. We didn't need a big machine nor wanted to spend all that money. It's a hit at the store and everyone tells us how cool the ice looks. Thanks!
Ted and Mary - (Posted on November 19, 2012)

True T-49 ENERGY STAR 49 Cubic Feet Reach-In Refrigerator
I am very pleased with this reach in refrigerator. It is a good value for the capacity and price. Seems very well built and works well in my situation. It is quiet and easy to use. I would recommend this to a friend.
Jon - (Posted November 18, 2012)

True Refrigeration Expert Reviews

TRUE T-23G One Section 23 Cu. Ft. Reach-In Refrigerator
This True T-23G is the perfect refrigerator for someone who wants to see the food or products without opening the door and wasting cold air. This type of set up in a public store is a great point-of-sale up-sells. This gives the customers a stimulus to purchase whats right in front of them. The T-23G has a top mount compressor which make cleaning a breeze.A big benefit from this unit is that since every component works together it delivers an efficient machine that will benefit the quality of your foods and the cost of your utility bill. Two very innovative features that come with the True T-23G are a self contained capillary tube system that uses environmentally friendly refrigerant and an exterior mounted temperature monitor. When purchasing refrigeration that is going to be in a high traffic location you want a top mount compressor so no dust or particles get inside. The best part about this products is that it's Made in the USA.
IMP Expert Review - (Posted December 29, 2012)

True T-49 ENERGY STAR 49 Cubic Feet Reach-In Refrigerator
The True T-49 is a double door, commercial refrigerator that provides 49 cubic feet for storage. Designed to operate efficiently, the True T-49 has earned a listing from Energy Star as an energy efficient refrigerator. This refrigerator from True - like all True products - was proudly designed and constructed in the USA. The T-49 provides six PVC coated shelves to maximize storage space. The shelves are adjustable to accommodate a variety of different products, and support up to 250 pounds each. The bottom mounted compressor of the True T-49 provides an additional "no stoop" storage area for additional product storage. The bottom mounted compressor also allows the compressor to operate in the coolest, most grease free area of the kitchen, which improves its performance and increases its longevity. Its location also makes it easier to clean and service. The doors of the True T-49 also set it apart from the competition. The doors are self-closing, and the magnetic gaskets ensure a positive seal every time the doors are closed. The hinges are guaranteed for life, and door locks come standard with the T-49 to ensure your food and beverage products are secure and protected when not in use. The recessed handles prevent clothing from being caught, preventing injuries from occurring as they may with standard door levers or handles. With the True T-49, you are ensured a quality, energy efficient commercial refrigerator that was built to suit the needs of a busy commercial kitchen.
IMP Expert Review - (Posted October 23, 2012)

True's Pledge

True Environmentally Friendly

 Environmentally Friendly

True has yearly reduced their carbon footprint to become more environmentally friendly. They are committed to overall sustainability and apply this to both their manufacturing process and the performance of individual equipment units. True is also an ENERGY STAR Partner. With over 65 years dedicated to commercial refrigeration equipment, True has incorporated energy efficiency into the design of their manufacturing facilities and the refrigeration systems incorporated into their equipment. They have recently begun an initiative to lead the refrigeration equipment industry in efficiency, while continuing to maintain the same food preservation performance of their equipment.
True discontinued use of ozone depleting chemicals 10 years before the legal mandate, and has decreased use of global warming blowing agents used for foaming insulation to zero. Over the last 10 years, True has reduced total water usage by 58% and natural gas consumption by 23% per square foot of manufacturing space.

True Superior Refrigeration

 Superior Refrigeration

True Engineers have developed environmentally friendly refrigeration systems with shorter run times, lower energy consumption and the industry's coldest holding temperatures. True utilizes balanced oversized compressors, evaporators and condenser coils.

True's evaporator coils have 20% - 40% more surface area than the industry standard, meaning product temperatures pull down more or recover more quickly. By using the largest condensers in the industry, True units can provide better food preservation even in the hottest, most extreme foodservice situations.

True Heavy Duty Fan Motors

 Heavy Duty Fan Motors

True only utilizes completely sealed, oil-filled, self-lubricating, low velocity fan motors. The fan motors have a life span of 15 - 20 years. The durable motors are matched with larger fan blades, giving True refrigeration units a high-volume, low-velocity airflow. This means a large volume of colder air, moving slowly across the evaporator, provides faster recover and better uniform temperatures.

True Heavy Duty Shelving

 Heavy Duty Shelving

True manufacturers their own heavy-duty shelves utilizing larger diameter steel for strength and 1/2 inch spacing on the top support bars for ease of use. All shelves are bonded with powdered PVC to prevent chipping and peeling which often happens with epoxy coated shelving common in the industry.

True Ecomate Insulation

 Ecomate Insulation

True has pioneered the use of Ecomate, a foamed-in-place, chlorofluorocarbon free polyurethane, high-density insulation. Ecomate is strong, rigid, and an effective insulation with zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential.

True Quality Inspections

 Quality Inspections

True tests every single model that comes off of their manufacturing line. These run tests are part of the final quality inspection that takes place before they will allow the unit into their inventory. Every refrigerator is run tested for 4-6 hours and every freezer is run tested for at least 16 hours, while systems and temperatures are continually monitored.

True Made In The USA

 Made In The USA

True is dedicated to manufacturing their equipment in the USA. Each Cabinet is completed to adhere to industry standards. High quality metals are used and internal components are designed to optimize the unit's functionality.

True Best In Class

 Best In Class

True has been recognized among equipment & supply manufacturers as "Best In Class" for their ability to provide outstanding products for the foodservice industry. In some categories of the Best In Class Awards, True has been recognized for eleven consecutive years; From 2001 to 2011, True has been Best In Class in the categories of Upright/Reach-In Refrigeration and Prep Table Refrigeration. For their Underbar Refrigeration, they have been recognized in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

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