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Turbo Air is still relatively new to the restaurant equipment world, opening their doors in 1997. What they lack in experience however, they make up for in innovation and technology. Knowing that the competition they would face would be tough, Turbo Air aimed to improve upon existing features, and make changes beneficial to users of their products. Over the years, Turbo Air has grown to become a distinguished leader in the commercial refrigeration field, as they provide superior, aesthetically pleasing equipment. Turbo Air is now one of the most well regarded companies when it comes to cleanliness and energy efficiency in regard to their commercial refrigeration. They have created higher standards in the world of refrigeration and continue to improve, now as pioneers of the refrigeration industry. Shop Turbo Air Refrigeration at IceMachinesPlus.com - We have a price match guarantee plus expert customer service, competitive prices! Call 877-900-4423.

Turbo Air's Mission


Turbo Air’s mission is to become the most respected company in the refrigeration industry. They have taken quite a few steps toward attaining this goal as well, providing some unique features that have improved the commercial refrigerator as we now know it. Turbo Air introduced stainless steel shelving to their refrigerators, as lower quality and PVC coated shelves have a tendency to rust, flake, or peel over time. Stainless steel shelves are easier to clean, and last far longer. The digital temperature display used on most Turbo Air products allows for flawless temperature readings. The temperature can be set easily by simply pushing a button to adjust it up or down. With your wallet and the environment in mind, Turbo Air designs many of their products to meet or exceed Energy Star qualifications as well. With their customers first in their mind, it's no wonder Turbo Air remains at the forefront of many of their customers' minds as well.

Turbo Air Warranty Upgrade

Turbo Air has recently announced their new parts and labor warranty. Turbo Air continues to be a leader in commercial refrigeration with their attention to what their customers demand.

Turbo Air has increased the length of warranty coverage on nearly all of their models, including Super Deluxe Solid and Glass Door Products, all M3 Product Series models, Glass Door Models, Open Display (Air Curtains), Bakery and Deli Cases, and Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets. Now you can be assured even more that your Turbo Air equipment is reliable and long-lasting.

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