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In 1962, Henry Uihlein founded the U-Line corporation. Since then, they have been leading the way in beautifully designed and innovative residential undercounter refrigerated equipment, including residential ice makers, refrigerators, freezers, wine & beverage storage models. U-Line prides itself in engineering and assembling all of their products in the USA and U-Line stands out with their cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design. U-Line has many equipment lines from ice machines to wine refrigeration to dual refrigeration undercounter units. Many models are available in multiple colors or can be customized with wood overlays. With several different equipment lines, U-Line offers multiple price points and features that allow their equipment to fit any need, application or lifestyle, so you are certain to find the undercounter ice maker or refrigeration for your location. Shop U-Line at IceMachinesPlus.com. We have a Price Match Guarantee. Undercounter Ice Makers, Refrigeration, Wine & Beverage Coolers. Expert customer service, competitive prices. Call 877-900-4423!

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Quality and Efficiency -
60 Years of Premium


U-Line, founded over 60 years ago, last year celebrated its anniversary with the introduction of the innovative 3000 Series Models. U-Line has continued innovating ever since they created the very first residential, built-in undercounter ice maker for the premium market. This expanded over time to include residential undercounter refrigeration and wine preservation models. Always focused on the highest quality, U-Line began to also strive for energy efficiency in their equipment, so that now efficiency is one of the pillars of their design and manufacturing philosophy. U-Line has continued to pay attention to the needs and requirements of their customers, those who demand premium performance, perfectly preserved wine, crystal clear ice, and ideally chilled beverages. Be a part of the tradition; consider U-Line equipment for your home, office, or business.

U-Line Update

Customizing U-Line's 3000 Series


U-Line's very popular 3000 Series of ice machines, refrigerators and wine storage models have been shipping out regularly since their introduction in June 2012, released in conjunction with U-Line's 50th anniversary year. The 3000 Series models are stylish and modular, integrating perfectly into any decor, kitchen, bar or otherwise, making these U-Line models highly sought after by home interior designers and contractors. The units work well with all types of cabinetry. The 3000 Series standard models are available in 18-inch, 24-inch, and 36-inch versions, some with glass doors. The 24-inch models were game changers with their increased storage compared to the 18-inch models, with very little additional space required. However, for many new home builds, the 36-inch models have become very popular since they offer 2 times the refrigerated storage of an 18-inch model without paying twice the price. But since there is not a current 36-inch model that incorporates an ice maker, U-Line has once again innovated to satisfy their customers' needs.

U-Line has released two 36-inch custom flange kits that allow you to take 2 of their 18-inch 3000 Series models and integrate them into one 36-inch unit. The flange kits allow the custom modular configuration of 5 new "products".

U-Line's 36-inch Custom Flange Kit (3000-Flange-Kit) allows for the combination and configuration of two 18-inch units (3018WC and 3018RF, or 3018RGL and 3018RF), installing the units behind the flange so the units appear to be one single 36-inch unit. With the U-Line Custom Ice Flange Kit (3000-Flange-Kit-Ice), it is possible to combine a Modular 3000 Series 18-inch Clear Ice Machine (model 3018CLR) with one of the 3 other 18-inch models for a customized 36-inch combo installation. This creative application allows the customer to meet the specific needs that existing U-Line models do not fulfill by themselves, while visually maintaining the appearance of U-Line’s Modular 3000 Series.

In addition to customizing, the combining of the 3000 Series units allows you to have 2 preservation zones. The digitally controlled convection cooling system (U-Line's U-Select control system) on all 3000 Series models precisely chills food and drinks and maintains them at a perfect temperature. So if you are looking for something special to fit your exact requirements, consider customizing with U-Line's 3000 Series and one of their custom flange kits.

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