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Refrigeration is essential for many Food Service businesses. Commercial Refrigeration products are designed to keep items cold and to prevent spoiling. While standard 1 and 2 section refrigerators and freezers are most common, there are many specialized refrigeration models varying in style, format, size, and function designed to meet your needs. will be happy to help you select the right commercial refrigeration equipment for your business. Shop Commercial Refrigeration at - We have a price match guarantee plus expert customer service, competitive prices! Call 877-900-4423.

Commercial Refrigeration Facts

Food Preservation

 Foodservice Refrigeration

In the foodservice industry, there may be nothing more important than the refrigerator used to keep your food stored safely. The refrigerator does well to extend the shelf life of your products, and is required to keep your food and ingredients safe for consumption. The commercial refrigerator helps to store large quantities of food for use at a later date. The health department requires that some sort of refrigerator be used to store perishable food in every establishment. In doing so, food is not required to be used immediately, and can be stored properly for days to come.

Commercial Refrigeration

 Commercial versus Residential

There are a few things that separate the commercial refrigerator from the residential refrigerator. While both were designed to store food safely, the commercial refrigerator is usually larger and constructed more solidly (generally of stainless steel), with the ability to stand up to the abuse and the grind of life in the commercial kitchen. The shelves are often constructed of heavy duty PVC, stainless steel, or polyethylene. The focal point of every refrigerator remains the same – to inhibit the growth of bacteria in cold temperatures – but the commercial refrigerator does this on a much greater scale.

Reach-In Refrigerators

 Reach-In Refrigerators

The reach-in refrigerator is the standard across the industry in most cases. Reach-in refrigerators are freestanding, with the compressor mounted either on the top or bottom of the unit. Generally, these refrigerators provide are designed with one, two, or three doors, while some are available with split-doors as well. Reach-in refrigerators may feature either solid doors or glass doors. While glass doors allow the users the ability to see the contents inside the refrigerator, solid door refrigerators tend to be more energy efficient. Nowadays, many of the solid door refrigerators are designed to conform to ENERGY STAR's standards of efficiency, and have come a long way from the refrigerators of the past, requiring much less energy to operate effectively.

Refrigeration Variety

 Variety to Meet Your Needs

What your establishment does will dictate the type of commercial refrigerator you require. Bakeries may require a reach-in refrigerator on castors, so large quantities of dough can be stored and easily transported. A sandwich shop or deli may require a greater variety of worktop refrigerators or refrigerated prep tables to store ingredients and toppings. No matter the type of refrigeration required, we at Ice Machines Plus are sure to be able to provide a refrigerator tailored perfectly to your refrigeration needs.

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