Scotsman Drain Pump Conversion Kit For CU50GA

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Scotsman Drain Pump Product Description

The Scotsman Drain Pump Conversion Kit is a drain pump built for use with the Scotsman CU50GA undercounter ice maker. The Scotsman CU50GA utilizes a gravity drain system, which uses gravity to remove the waste water from the ice machine, requiring a drain to be located beneath the machine. With this conversion kit, waste water is able to be evacuated from the machine to a remote location via the drain pump, eliminating the need for the machine to be installed directly over a drain. The Scotsman Drain Pump Conversion Kit is particularly useful if you plan on moving your CU50GA to a location where a ground drain will not or cannot be located directly beneath your machine.

Scotsman Drain Pump Features

  • Drain pump kit for Scotsman CU50GA undercounter ice maker
  • Converts gravity drain system to pump-driven drain system
  • Allows for waste water to be disposed of in a remote location
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