Empura ETM-49F - 47 Cu. Ft. Two-Section Solid-Door Reach-In Freezer - Top Mount Compressor

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Shipping Weight 452 lbs.
Dimensions(HxWxD) 83.9" x 51.7" x 33.3"
Doors 2
Opening Style Swing
Compressor Top
Horsepower 3/4
Capacity 47 Cubic Ft.
Shelves 6
Temperature -10°F - 0°F
Amps 12
Voltage 115 volts
Hertz 60Hz
Phase 1

For a reliable and durable solid-door reach-in freezer, consider the Empura ETM-49F. This commercial freezer is only 51.7 inches wide and has a more than adequate 47 cubic foot storage capacity. Empura has designed and constructed the ETM-49F with a stainless steel interior and exterior, including the bottom floor of the interior compartment. An oversized refrigeration system, including a top-mounted, 3/4 horsepower compressor, easily maintains internal temperatures in the range between -10 and 0 degrees Fahrenheit. A front-mounted, electronic thermostat with digital LED display allows you to monitor and make quick adjustments to the temperature if necessary.

In order to better preserve your food product, the Empura ETM-49F has several features incorporated into the doors. First, both doors are self-closing, so no inadvertent leaving the doors open and losing cold air or worse, your frozen items. When either of the doors are open, an evaporator fan delay feature kicks the fans off so none of the cold air is blasted out the open door. This keeps internal temperatures more consistent, reducing temperature recover time, decreasing strain on the compressor and lowering your electricity consumption over time. Plus both doors have magnetic door gaskets that create a positive seal to keep the air inside the unit.

Another feature that keeps your food frozen is the high-density, CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation inserted between the inner and outer walls of the ETM-49F's cabinet.

While the doors are self-closing, they do have a stay-open feature built into them so that on the occasions when you or your employees are unloading or restocking inventory, you do not have the extra wear and tear on the compressor turning on and off every time the door is opened again. To control and protect inventory, Empura has constructed each door with a lock and key, allowing you peace of mind. Inside the ETM-49F's compartment, you can easily customize the layout and accommodate any sized food product, since the heavy duty wire shelves (3 for each section, 6 total) are easy to adjust. You can even load up full-size sheet pans.

To keep the ETM-49F from rolling or shifting, two of the four heavy-duty casters are lockable. The door handles on the ETM-49F are easy-to-grab and recessed to prevent snags on clothing or potential injuries from bumping into protruding handles, as can happen in a crowded, busy commercial kitchen. All of these features make the Empura ETM-49F a solid choice for making an investment in the future of your foodservice establishment.

Empura ETM-49F Features

  • Reach-In Freezer Model
  • Stainless Steel Exterior and Interior
  • 304 Stainless steel floor
  • Two Freezer Sections
  • 47 Cubic Feet of Storage
  • Two Solid Doors - Stainless Steel
  • Temperature Range: -10° - 0° Fahrenheit
  • Self-closing Doors with Stay Open Feature (if past 90 degree angle)
  • Door Locks (with keys) for security and loss prevention
  • Evaporator Fan delay when door is opened
  • Easy to Grab Recessed Door Handles
  • Oversized, Top-Mounted compressor
  • 6 Heavy Duty Wire Shelves - Easy to Adjust
  • Shelves accommodate full-size sheet pans
  • High-Density CFC-Free Polyurethane Foam Insulation
  • Easily-Replaced Magnetic Door Gasket
  • Heavy-Duty caster, 2 Lockable

  • More Information
    Warranty Info
  • 2 Years Parts and Labor On All Components
  • 5 Years for Parts and Labor On Compressor
  • Brand Empura
    Width 50" - 60"
    Cubic Feet 40 - 50 Cu. Ft.
    Door Type Stainless Steel
    Number of Sections 2 Sections
    Number of Doors 2 Doors
    Compressor Top Mounted
    Dual Temperature No
    ENERGY STAR Not Specified
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