Everpure EV9799-11 Kleenware HTS-11 System

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  • HTS-11 Kleenware System, cartridge incorporates HydroBlend a specially blended compound that inhibits limescale build-up and reduces corrosion


  • Scale prevention and corrosion control for warewashing equipment
  • Scale control system features HydroBlend which inhibits mineral deposits and provides corrosion protection
  • Extends the life of expensive foodservice equipment
  • Opaque (red) high temperature bowl allows for hot water (up to 200F) feed installations
  • Transparent replacement cartridge containing HydroBlend scale inhibitor, which is effective up to 200F
  • Specially designed flow through head assumes consistend predictable product feed rates
    • Note: No Electrical Connection Required


    • Scale Control


  • Maximum Flow: 15 gpm
  • H: 12-1/2" W: 4-3/4" D: 4-5/8"
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