Everpure EV9983-23 CES-2850M-136 Single Tank Softener (Stand-alone)

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  • Everpure EV9983-23 CES-2850M-136 Single Tank Softener (Stand-alone)


  • Water Conditioning for Commercial and Light Industrial Applications Available in Single Tank System with 1-1/2" Porting
  • Hardness Removal of 68,000 to 171,000 grains at flow rates up to 37 gallons per minute continuous
  • Meter initiated regeneration minimizes salt, water, and electrical costs
  • Advanced user-friendly controls incorporates time-tested hydraulically balanced piston, seal and spacer design to pilot service flow and regeneration
  • Large capacity brine tank maximizes time between refills
  • Fiberglass reinforced resin vessels with NSF approved polyethylene liners eliminate worries about corrosion
  • Single tank design for simplicity, economy and space savings
  • Fully adjustable 5-cycle control delivers controlled upflow backwashm downflow brining and slow rinse, rapid rinse, timed brine refil and downflow service

  • Features

  • Water Softening/Conditioning
  • Ion Exchange
  • Scale Control
  • Iron Reduction


  • Warewashing
  • Laundry-Linen & Uniform
  • Boiler Scale Control
  • Water Heater Scale Protection/Reduction
  • General Housekeeping

  • Specs

  • Capacity: 136,000 grains per minute
  • Maximum Flow : 37 gallons per minute continuous
  • Working Pressure Requirements: 40 - 100 PSI, nonshock
  • Inlet/Outlet Size : 1.5" MNPT, (1.5" FNPT)
  • H: 74" W: 46" D: 28"
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