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[posted March 27, 2012]

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Follett doesn't just make ice makers, they specialize in making full-service, quality commercial ice machines. With technology and increased attention to the needs of consumers, Follett is able to redefine the way in which you make ice for your bar, restaurant, hospital or other commercial location.

Satellite-fill Only Available on Follett Ice Machines
Follett is responsible for creating one of the most innovative and simple methods in which to clean your icemaker. They have designed a system where the ice maker components can be kept separate from the ice storage bin/hopper and which uses heavy-duty plastic transport tubing with a specific diameter to deliver the Chewblet ice to the storage bin. The bin becomes a satellite of the ice machine. With Satellite-fill capabilities, in some cases, you can place your icemaker up to 75 feet away from an ice hopper. Your ice machine also is away from the bin or dispenser to alleviate noise and heat associated with larger icemakers.

There are many reasons as to why a typical icemaker can be difficult to clean, one of which is inaccessibility. With Satellite-fill you can place your ice hopper/dispenser in an area accessible to your employees or customers and not have to worry about cleaning the icemaker that typically sits atop of it in front of patrons. This allows you to place your machine in a location that can easily be cleaned on a regular basis. This feature however, is only available on the Follett Chewblet ice makers.

Diverter Valve System from Follett
The ice manager system provided by Follett features an innovative and interesting method to filling multiple ice storage units in separate bins or dispensers that are not necessarily anywhere near each other. When you have a Horizon icemaker, and purchased the diverter valve system separately, the diverter system allows you to use one icemaker in order to fill two different storage units, all with the same quality ice as you would if they each have their own icemaker. The diverter valve system is unique to Follett, and is ideal for busy restaurants with multiple drink dispenser stations that need to benefit from the same icemaker.

Follett Water Filter Cartridges
Follett replacement water filter cartridges are recognized as being some of the best on the market. Everpure, Inc manufactures the cartridges so you can be confident that you have a quality filter. Not only do the water filters have an NSF approval, but also they are manufactured with some of the highest quality materials available. Additionally, as a means to ensure that your products are always safe, the water filter cartridges now contain Agion antimicrobial properties, which can help to ensure that your ice making system stays clean and free from fungi, bacteria and mold. If you have Follett ice machines, it is always suggested that you replace your water filter cartridge with a Follett cartridge over the generic competition.

Given the number of products and technologies that Follett has developed, it is evident that their products are the envy of the market. Therefore, if you are searching for an icemaker that redefines the way you make ice, then Follett is the brand for you and your commercial business.Checkout the Follett Brand Page on Ice Machines Plus to view the products and services Follett has to offer.

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