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[posted May 9, 2012]

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Picture this situation (or perhaps it already applies to you specifically). The owner of your restaurant wants a total reassessment of all equipment. He or she now wants the most energy efficient products, from light bulbs to your ice machine and you are in charge of finding the most energy efficient appliances and making these purchases. Naturally, you're looking for the products that offer the most energy saving technology.

So, like any good employee, you scramble to live up to these expectations and keep your boss happy. After you secured the fluorescent light bulbs, found motion detectors that automatically turn out lights in vacant rooms, and installed a new water saving sink, you turn your attention to your antiquated ice machine. Maybe your ice machine consumed and wasted hundreds of gallons of water per day like some water cooled units. Perhaps it sucked down electricity and caused those bills to rise. You need to make a change.

Ideally, you would want an ice machine that not only uses water efficiently, but is also energy efficient. You may also look for one that gives back to the planet. Only one brand displays these properties, and that is Ice-O-Matic. With their ever expanding line of ENERGY STAR qualified machines, Ice-O-Matic is one of the top brands when it comes to choosing an energy efficient ice machine. From smaller undercounter ice machines to cuber heads with greater production, Ice-O-Matic has an ENERGY STAR qualified ice machine that will perfectly suit your business, no matter how great or small your ice needs are.

With all the rebates available with ENERGY STAR products, and the amount of money that can be saved from owning an energy conserving "green" machine, it is no surprise that more and more business owners are turning to the most energy efficient ice machines available. Of special note, Ice-O-Matic also created the Green ReLeaf Program in partnership with American Forests. In this program, Ice-O-Matic plants or donates to fund the planting of trees for every one of their ice machines sold. They are the only brand that participates in any such program. So when you purchase that Ice-O-Matic ice machine you are adding a tree to the environment. You can't get any more "green" than that.

While most, if not all, ice machine companies produce some line of energy efficient machines, Ice-O-Matic takes their commitment to an entirely new level. They are unique as they go further than simply meeting ENERGY STAR requirements. An Ice-O-Matic ice machine truly serves as one of the greenest, energy efficient ice machines available. If you really want to earn those bonus marks from your boss (as well as aid in the betterment of the planet), the choice is clear in an Ice-O-Matic ice machine.

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