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[posted June 15, 2012]

On my first trip to Arizona to visit some friends in college, I was baffled by the quality and flavor of the tap water. When I took a shower out there, I thought my friends were playing a prank on me as water was released from the showerhead more as a trickle than a spray. Apparently, I had been taking high quality water (as well as water pressure) for granted living my entire life in the northeastern United States. Now however, you can get premium, top quality water anytime and anywhere with EverPure's water filters for your ice machine or drinking fountains.

For the highest quality ice every time, simply attach an Insurice Single-i2000 to your ice machine. This filter assures that only premium quality water reaches your ice machine with ever cycle. Not only will this filter from EverPure provide relief from chlorine odors and tastes, but they also help to prevent scale buildup from dirt and dissolved minerals. The Insurice Single-i2000 ice filtration system does more than just better your water and ice quality. EverPure water filters work to increase the longevity of your ice machine. By reducing scale buildup, there is less chance of the distribution line or the evaporator plate clogging, minimizing maintenance and repair costs.

Depending on the size and ice output of your ice machine, you may require the twin, triple, or quad Insurice System. These filters will provide adequate water filtration no matter the amount of ice your machine produces. The Insurice Quad-i4000 system for example, has a rated capacity of 48,000 gallons, while the Twin-i2000 is rated at 18,000 gallons.

EverPure carries products to clean and sanitize even the most particle-laden water. The EC110 and EC210 prefilter cartridge filters out larger dirt and rust particles and extends the life of the primary filter cartridge. It is stored in a clear housing so you can visually inspect the filter, and see when it is time to change the cartridge. This is ideal as you can tell the exact moment when your filter is no longer effective.

For quality water from drinking fountains, water coolers, or in coffee machines, EverPure provides filters such as the OW2-Plus and the Parallel 202 Prefilter Kit. The Parallel 202 Prefilter Kit is ideal for water with excessive dirt loads. The OW2-Plus Cartridge inhibits limescale buildup and reduces microbial growth, providing you with the freshest tasting water every time.

From ice machines to drinking water, EverPure has a product to provide you with the cleanest, purest water wherever it is required. For almost 90 years EverPure has been working to provide contaminant-free water for all of its clients. According to their website, EverPure has found that almost 70 percent of restaurant customers prefer knowing that their restaurant uses a water filter system for the highest quality, cleanest water possible.

Water quality is a growing concern amongst customers, and with so many products available from EverPure, it has never been easier to provide the best water possible. At IceMachinesPlus.com, we support EverPure's endeavors to provide perfect drinking water and ideal water for ice machines. Not only does pure water taste better and remain free from odors and debris, but it also increases the life of your ice machine. Consider one of the many EverPure water filters available from IceMachinesPlus.com and introduce some high quality water to your business right away.

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