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[posted March 13, 2012]

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If you have ever gotten tired of trying to make a large batch of lemonade or iced tea for your guests or if you ever tried to fill a large cooler with ice using the ice maker in your refrigerator-freezer, you are certainly not alone. Inevitably, your standard refrigerator ice maker can't handle the demands of filling several glasses of ice, let alone fill an entire cooler. Purchasing bags of ice just seems to be a waste of money for low-quality ice cubes that do nothing to impress your guests. The solution to these common problems can be easily achieved when you obtain your own home ice maker, a miniature version of the commercial ice machines you find in restaurants and other foodservice businesses.

For the home, small office, or executive suite, you are probably not looking for a large commercial ice machine with production rates of 100 pounds of ice or more per day. However, if you are looking for your own personal home or office ice maker, you do want to be sure that it is a high-end, ice machine constructed with commercial-quality. There are some home ice makers on the market that are no better than those in your residential refrigerator and they cannot produce enough for those times where you need a larger quantity of ice. Additionally, the ice they make may just not be the pure, clear, quality ice that you want to serve to your guests. The best way to ensure that you are getting a quality home ice maker is to purchase your equipment manufactured by a reputable company in the ice machine industry that specializes in making high-end, home ice makers. The original residential undercounter ice maker manufacturer is U-Line, and they continue to provide a quality, residential ice maker today that is built with a great commercial quality..

U-Line Home Ice Makers

U-Line offers two different series of home ice makers that are appropriate for providing sufficient ice to host a party, entertain business clientele, fill a large ice chest for a trip, or just make those glasses of iced tea.

The Origin Series - The Origin series of home ice makers (the BI95 and the BI98 Ice Makers) is dedicated to providing easy to install home ice makers that can provide you with more ice than your refrigerator freezer, in a compact, easily-installed unit. Both are available in a white or black exterior. The Origin model machines do not require a water drain, since they are efficient ice makers that use all of the water in their reservoir to make ice. However, they do produce slightly less ice than the higher-end Echelon series, as the BI95 model can only produce 23 pounds of ice and the BI98, the larger of the Origin models, only produces a maximum of 25 pounds of ice a day. However, if you are limited on space and don't have access to a drain, these ice makers are a wonderful option.

The Echelon Series - This high-quality series of home ice makers has two different models, the BI2115 and the CLR2160. The BI2115 is a heavy duty ice maker that can provide up to 25 pounds of ice from a mere 3 gallons of water, so not only are you provided with a bit more ice, but you are conserving water and in the long run, saving yourself money. It is available in all black, all white, or black with a stainless steel door. Additionally, the outdoor approved BI2115 is all stainless steel, cabinet and door. There is also no need for a drain with this ice maker, so you can install it nearly anywhere, and in just a short period of time you can begin making your ice.

The CLR2160 is different from the BI2115 because it provides crystal clear, gourmet ice in the shape of a short shot glass that so elegantly adds sophistication to your served beverages. It is available with exterior in all black, all white or black with a classy stainless steel door. However, this model does require a drain or an installed drain pump since there is some run off water carrying impurities that is not used to make the clear ice. The CLR2160 residential ice maker can also produce up to 60 pounds of the clear ice in just a single day, which means that you can serve even more people or fill a larger cooler. You get commercial quality ice and production rate with a residential quality price.

Whether you are looking to fill dozens of glasses with your home ice maker, or if you want to present an elegant beverage to your clients, or perhaps you are simply looking to fill your camping cooler, there are plenty of uses for your own high-quality model ice maker. And, with a high-end home ice maker from U-Line, you know you are getting more quality, more commercial craftsmanship than you paid for.

[Editor's Note: The BI2115 and CLR2160 models have been replaced by updated models BI1215 and CLR1215.]

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