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Hoshizaki ice machines are supremely constructed, with a commercial design unmatched by any competitors. Hoshizaki is the only ice machine provider that makes use of a stainless steel evaporator plate. This provides more consistent ice production when air and water temperatures increase. Due to their construction, Hoshizaki's evaporator plates resist wear and tear far better than the competitor's, and require service far less frequently. Hoshizaki's signature crescent ice is also long lasting, and is one of the more popular choices for bars and restaurants across the country. All of the articles and reviews listed below are related to Hoshizaki and their high quality ice machines.

Broken Ice Machine Sign

Broken Hoshizaki Ice Machine? Here are Some Tips to Get By

(September 26, 2013)
If your Hoshizaki ice machine breaks down or stops working, you're going to want to find an authorized technician who can service your unit, and ideally, repair the machine in a timely fashion. While you are waiting for the repairs however, you may need to make other plans while you will be without ice. To find a technician licensed to service your machine, you can call Hoshizaki directly. In this article, we provide contact information for Hoshizaki (as well as all the other ice machine companies available at Ice Machines Plus). We also provide a few tips on how to get by while you will be temporarily without ice.

Water Splashing Question Mark

If It Must Be a Water Cooled Ice Machine, It Must Be…

(August 27, 2013)
Hoshizaki! In this article, we took the time to analyze the water use of some of the most popular ice machine available at Ice Machines Plus. Water cooled ice machines by nature are incredibly wasteful. However, some businesses do not have any other option but to make use of them. For this reason, we set out to find which water cooled ice machines use the least amount of total water during the ice making process. Just because you must use a water cooled ice machine doesn't mean you can't settle on the most conservative one.

Hotel Ice Machine and Ice Dispenser

Ice Dispensers – Your Hotel and Guests Deserve the Best

(July 3, 2013)
Hoshizaki's hotel ice dispensers boast some very interesting qualities that make them very desirable in your establishment. They are capable of storing the most ice (DB-200H stores up to 200 pounds) and with the fastest dispense rate (DB-130H dispenses 20 pounds per minute). To see how these hotel ice dispensers stack up against dispensers from other companies, read this blog entry, and be sure to consult the ice dispenser buying guide in this article for further assistance.

Fine Print

What Your Ice Machine Company Isn’t Telling You

(June 28, 2013)
Every ice machine company has their secrets, and Hoshizaki is no different. Find out in this article what Hoshizaki is not telling you about their ice machines however, and assess whether or not a Hoshizaki ice machine is the best fit for your establishment. Hoshizaki ice machines are constructed with some of the highest quality materials available, but they are not without faults. Continue reading to find out what Hoshizaki is not telling you about their ice machines.

Hoshizaki Ice Logo

10 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Commercial Ice Machine

(June 28, 2013)
If you're looking for a new Hoshizaki ice machine, make sure you know everything there is to know before making your decision final. In this article, we examine ten important things to consider before buying a new ice machine, and while you may find that Hoshizaki suits you perfectly, you may also find that another company can provide the same ice production for a lower price. The more you know, the better off you will be in the future.

Hoshizaki DCM-500BAH-OS

Countertop Ice Makers: Know Your Options

(June 25, 2013)
In this article, we compare the most popular countertop ice makers available at IceMachinesPlus. We look at Hoshizaki's DCM-500BAH-OS and how it compares to other countertop ice makers from Scotsman, Ice-O-Matic, and Manitowoc. All of these countertop ice makers offer their own individual benefits and advantages, so it's up to you the consumer to choose which features are most desirable for your business or establishment. These ice makers are used predominantly in offices, hospitals, and health care facilities, as they can be operated easily by anyone, and they operate quietly so as to not disturb those working around them.

Hoshizaki Hands Free Ice Maker

Hoshizaki’s DCM-270BAH-OS: Hands Free Ice Dispensing

(April 25, 2013)
With the prevalence of germs in and around your business, why should your ice maker be one to contribute to the problem? This hands-free ice maker from Hoshizaki allows the operator to access ice and water without ever touching the ice making machine. This makes the DCM-270BAH-OS one of the most sanitary ice makers available.

Energy Star Logo

Ice Machine ENERGY STAR Partners Announced for 2013

(March 18, 2013)
ENERGY STAR recently announced their "Partners of the Year" for 2013, and Hoshizaki is taking home some of the accolades. ENERGY STAR ice machines must meet strict, energy efficient guidelines in order to boast ENERGY STAR's coveted logo, and Hoshizaki has a decent selection of these ice machines. Read more about ENERGY STAR's partners in this article here.

Five Star

5 Tips to Keep Your Ice Machine Performing Well

(March 14, 2013)
While this article may not pertain to Hoshizaki ice machines specifically, it does provide invaluable information on what you can do to let your ice machine live a long, productive life. From cleaning and sanitizing to choosing a good warranty, there are many choices you can make to prolong your ice machine's life expectancy.

Hoshizaki KM-600MAH on Ice Bin

Tall, Slim, and Productive? Hoshizaki’s KM-600MAH is a Super Model

(January 25, 2012)
The Hoshizaki KM-600MAH just might be everything you're looking for in an ice machine. It measures a mere 22 inches wide. It can make nearly 600 pounds of crescent ice in a 24 hour period, and oh yes, the KM-600MAH is ENERGY STAR qualified as well. To find out more about this ice machine, and to see if it will fit your business well, continue reading this article.

Hoshizaki Stainless Steel Evaporator Plate

Hoshizaki Stainless Steel Evaporators: What’s Inside Counts

(January 21, 2012)
Hoshizaki is the only ice machine company that offers a stainless steel evaporator plate with their ice machines. You remember the saying, "It's what's inside that counts"? That's exactly what Hoshizaki demonstrates here as their ice machines require service less often, and their evaporator plates face fewer problems due to a superior construction. Read the full article to find out more about Hoshizaki's stainless steel evaporator plates.

Hoshizaki Ice Logo

Hoshizaki’s KMD-850MAH Provides “Penguin Power” for your Soda Dispenser

(September 28, 2012)
In this article, we examine the benefits of Hoshizaki's KMD-850MAH when used in conjunction with your Lancer soda dispenser. This ice machine from Hoshizaki and Lancer soda dispenser were made for each other, so consider this combination if looking to add an ice machine and soda dispenser to your business.

Hoshizaki Undercounter Ice Maker

The Best Undercounter Ice Maker

(August 29, 2012)
This is quite possibly one of the most informative articles we have ever written! If you're looking for the best undercounter ice maker for your home or business, then this article is a must read. We compare the undercounter ice makers with the highest output, and break them down based on size, maximum daily output, water consumption, bin capacity, and performance when temperatures increase. All of these things should be considered before buying any ice machine, not just these undercounter units. Hoshizaki's KM-260BAH is compared against similar ice machines from competing brands.

Hoshizaki Sushi Case

Sushi Display Cases from the Hoshizaki HNC Series: Wide Selection, Broad Horizons

(August 28, 2012)
Hoshizaki is well known for their ice machines, but they provide a variety of other products as well, including their sushi cases. Hoshizaki sushi cases allow you to safely promote your fresh sushi in a sanitary, refrigerated setting. These units are great to pique the interest of your customers, and inspired them to try new (and more) sushi varieties. They are available in a variety of sizes as well. Continue reading for more details.

Hoshizaki KML-250MAH

Hoshizaki's KML-250, KML-351 and KML-451: More Bang (Less Bulk) for Your Buck

(August 7, 2012)
We don't live in a "one size fits all" world, so why should things be any different when searching for a new ice machine? These low profile units from Hoshizaki are perfect units for those with height restrictions. They are perfect for those with low to mid-level ice requirements, and of course the are built with all of the famous, high quality craftsmanship for which Hoshizaki is known.

Hoshizaki DCM-750BAH-OS

The DCM-750BAH-OS and DCM-750BWH-OS from Hoshizaki: Sometimes You Just Need More Ice

(July 23, 2012)
While there are many countertop ice machines available, few make as much ice as Hoshizaki's DCM-750BAH-OS. With the ability to create up to 800 pounds of cubelet ice in a 24 hour period, this ice machine is perfect for those that require a countertop ice maker and dispenser combination unit, and need it to make ice around the clock. Continue reading for more information.

Hoshizaki KM-260BAH

Hoshizaki Undercounter Ice Machines: Tough and Rugged

(May 29, 2012)
Most undercounter ice machines from Hoshizaki are not going to be winning any beauty contests anytime soon. They will however, provide a good deal of ice on a daily basis, and are built to last. Undercounter ice machines like the KM-260BAH are a great choice for those that need ice, have limited space, and do not care a great deal for aesthetic appeal. Continue reading for more information regarding Hoshizaki's undercounter ice machines.

Hoshizaki Ice Logo

Hoshizaki's Evaporator Plate Provides Great Advantages

(December 30, 2011)
If you know anything about Hoshizaki, it's probably related to Hoshizaki's stainless steel evaporator plates. Unlike other ice machines that make use of copper evaporator plates, Hoshizaki's stainless steel evaporator plate is constructed with s superior quality, and resists flaking and peeling as lesser material may. This article is a bit lengthy, but provides invaluable information regarding Hoshizaki's stainless steel evaporator plate.

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