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[posted May 29, 2012]Hoshizaki

For the ice machine that doesn't spend hours in front of the mirror before it goes to work, consider the KM models of undercounter ice machines from Hoshizaki. These models may sacrifice a bit of aesthetic appeal, but they make up for it with superior production, and great commercial quality. The Hoshizaki KM-51BAH, KM-101BAH, and KM-151BAH provide maximum ice production while taking up a minimal amount of space.

The KM models from Hoshizaki benefit greatly from their exterior stainless steel construction. The evaporator plate is also constructed of stainless steel, making these undercounter ice machines some of the toughest available, resisting rust, corrosion, and physical abuse. The quality stainless steel construction has also allowed Hoshizaki to provide one of the better warranties in the ice machine business at three years parts and labor on the entire machine, five years parts and labor on the evaporator, and five years parts on the compressor.

The KM undercounter models produce Hoshizak'’s crescent cubes in a variety of daily production rates, so finding the ice machine with the proper rate for your needs will not be a problem. The KM-51BAH produces 71 pounds per day and stores 38 pounds in the built-in storage bin. The KM-101BAH and KM-151BAH produce 115 and 146 pounds a day respectively, and their bins store 53 and 78 pounds, respectively. The KM-101BAH and KM-151 BAH models have both received an ENERGY STAR rating as well, due to their energy efficiency and conservative use of water and electrical.

Hoshizaki’s CycleSaver® design allows your undercounter ice machine to produce more cubes in less time than standard machines. The EverCheck alert system produces audible alerts if there is a problem with your machine such as an interruption to the water line or decrease in water pressure. The front air flow design on all of Hoshizaki's air cooled machines allows your ice machine to fit seamlessly beside other equipment, requiring no side clearance for air flow.

All of the undercounter KM models from Hoshizaki are self-contained with built in storage bins. They will fit perfectly under the standard bar counter, measuring 39 inches tall with attached legs. The legs measure six inches and provide ample space to clean underneath the ice machine. The crescent cubes produced by Hoshizaki displace large amounts of liquid, are great for mixed drinks, and are long lasting to provide quality cooling for the duration of the beverage in which they accompany. Hoshizaki's unique crescent cubes are also less likely to clump together like bagged ice cubes.

The KM undercounter ice machines from Hoshizaki provide ample amounts of ice for break rooms, offices, and small bars or cafes. For a compact, yet rugged and durable ice machine, the KM undercounters can be perfect for your home or business. Explore Hoshizaki ice machines on IceMachinesPlus.com for more information or to order one of the highest quality, longest lasting ice machines on the market.

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