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Why Choose a Commercial/Business Ice Machine


Think of it as someone trying to enter the Indy 500 with a go-kart. Sure, you could probably keep up with the racers for a couple of seconds, but after the 400th lap, there's no way that you would be in the race. If you think that you can stay competitive with a simple ice machine, you may last for a few months, but if you have a high demand, you will not last for very long.

About Our Commercial Ice Makers


At Ice Machines Plus, ice machines are our primary focus. We have long been an authority on the web for our attention to detail regarding our ice machine knowledge, as well as our extensive product selection. Our ice machines suit a variety of ice needs, from smaller residential models to large ice machine heads that have the ability to produce over a ton of ice on a daily basis. At Ice Machines Plus, we provide undercounter ice machines, cuber heads, storage bins, and ice dispensers. The ice machines we provide create a variety of ice cubes- standard cube ice, half cube ice, gourmet ice, nugget ice, and flake ice. Whatever style you desire, we can find the perfect ice machine to fit you and your establishment. Shop Ice Machines at - We have a price match guarantee plus expert customer service, competitive prices! Call 877-900-4423.

By investing in a commercial ice machine, you will end up cutting costs and ensuring that your customers are satisfied with the quality of ice. At Ice Machines Plus, we have done the hard work for you. We've already compiled many of the most reliable commercial ice makers on the market.

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You Need An Ice Machine


Across a wide variety of spectrums, ice is required on a daily basis. The ice needs of these establishments vary from business to business, so care should be taken to find the perfect ice machine that suits you or your establishment best. Different ice machines also offer varying forms of technological advancements as well. Some ice machines allow for programmable ice production. Others relay messages digitally or audibly to alert users of problems or issues with the ice machine. Still others are more energy efficient than others, and consume water and electricity more conservatively. Often times, these ice machines are ENERGY STAR rated for their energy and water conservation. 

The Different Types of Ice Machines

Cube Ice

  Cube Ice Machines

Cube ice machines (or cuber heads) are most often found in bars, restaurants, and foodservice establishments. These modular ice machines require an ice bin or ice dispenser to store the ice they produce. Ice is then scooped and can be moved to where it is required. These ice cubes are great for beverages as they cool rapidly but melt slowly, to avoid watering down the drinks they cool. Standard full sized cubes and half sized cubes tend to fit more snugly into glasses, displacing a greater amount of liquid, thus saving your business more money.

Nugget Ice

 Nugget Ice Machines

Our countertop nugget ice machines and modular nugget ice heads are available to produce the beloved, coveted nugget ice. Nugget ice is known by a few other names, such as Pearl Ice® or cubelet ice, but these ice styles are all incredibly similar to one another. Nugget ice is renowned for its flavor retention ability, and is also desirable in health care facilities as it is softer, chewable, and melts quickly, making it less likely to cause patients to choke or swallow it mistakenly.

Flake Ice

 Flake Ice Machines

Flake ice machines – both undercounter and flaker heads – are available to produce flake ice in various production capacities. Flake ice is used chiefly for display purposes, mainly for seafood, produce, and beverage displays. The size of your flake ice display will dictate which flake ice machine you require. Larger flake ice machine heads can provide enough ice for a warm fish market, keeping your food safe for consumption while prominently displayed. Undercounter flake ice machines are a good fit for smaller displays, like a bottled beer display in a bar. Flake ice machines also produce a quality ice for injury treatment, as flake ice forms well to the contours of the body, making it ideal for treating bumps, bruises, and sprains.

Gourmet Ice

 Gourmet Ice Machines

Gourmet ice is created solely by undercounter ice machines, and not in great quantities. This lavish, elegant ice adds a touch of refinement to the glass in which it resides. It is pure and clear, composed of 100% water, and free from impurities, sediments, and mineral buildup – all of which are eliminated in the ice making process. While this ice is one of the purest ice forms around, most ice machines that create it do so on a very limited basis, often with the ability to produce no more than 100 pounds of ice per day.

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