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Ice dispensers are an integral part of any hotel, restaurant, hospital, or any other business that uses ice on a regular basis. At Ice Machines Plus, we have carefully chosen the leaders of the ice dispenser industry, and have them readily available for your business. We understand that running a business is hard work—and you might not even have time to think about ice! However, customers do notice the little things like ice, and by investing in a quality ice dispenser, you can ensure they have a positive experience.

These dispensers can be situated on the countertop, or as freestanding entities themselves. Some are available with push-to-dispense buttons or levers, while others are equipped with sensors and do not require the operator to touch the ice machine at all or the dispenser unit. These have proved to be some of the most sanitary ice dispensers around. Many of the countertop ice dispensers also dispense water providing a viable replacement option for the water cooler or water fountain in the office or the break room. Some of these dispensers require an ice machine to be placed on top of the ice dispenser (Ice Dispensers and Hotel Ice Dispensers), while others are self-contained, and both make and dispense ice in one, single unit (Ice Maker Dispensers).

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