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In 1992, the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States Government introduced the ENERGY STAR program, with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At first, they tested and rated only computers and computer monitors. A few years later later however, they began testing a wider range of products and appliances, rating them based on their energy efficiency. Today, ENERGY STAR has over 60 categories, and has seen over 5 billion ENERGY STAR products sold. The difference these products have made is staggering. All told, ENERGY STAR products have combined to save families and business nearly 230 million dollars, and prevented over 1.7 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere

At Ice Machines Plus, we are proud to offer a wide variety of ice machines and ice makers that meet ENERGY STAR’s qualifications. Since ice machines are not great producers of greenhouse gases, their efficiency is measured in other areas. Ice machines require two major resources to operate – water and electricity. ENERGY STAR ice machines use water conservatively, without consuming a great amount of electricity. Most ice machines are designed with these qualifications in mind. (Due to their liberal use and waste of water however, all water-cooled ice machines are eliminated from ENERGY STAR consideration.) Air cooled and remote air-cooled ice machines are considered for ENERGY STAR qualification if they meet the appropriate standards. To learn more about ENERGY STAR and ice machines, you can follow the link provided. In some areas of the country, the use of ENERGY STAR qualified appliances may allow for additional rebates to go along with the money you will already save from the use of an energy efficient product.

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At Ice Machines Plus, we carry hundreds of ENERGY STAR qualified products. The ENERGY STAR program was introduced to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions around the country, and in 2010 alone, ENERGY STAR qualified products reduced these emissions in an amount equivalent to those from 33 million cars. In the process, these products also saved owners of these appliances around $18 million. In some areas, businesses may qualify for rebates with the use of ENERGY STAR qualified appliances. We are proud of our selection of ENERGY STAR qualified ice machines and refrigerators at Ice Machines Plus, as they operate reliably while consuming fewer resources. ENERGY STAR qualified ice machines require less water and electricity to operate, saving you or your business money in the process. For the good of the planet and your wallet, it is strongly recommended that you consider ENERGY STAR ice machines in your search.

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