Ice-O-Matic CIM0436HW-CD40030 523 LB 30" Water-Cooled Ice Machine w/ CD40030 Hotel Dispenser

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  • 3 Years Parts & Labor On Ice Machine
  • 5 Years Parts Coverage On Evaporator and Compressor
  • 3 Years Parts & Labor On Dispenser
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    The Ice-O-Matic CIM0436HW-CD40030 is a water-cooled modular cuber head combined with a freestanding hotel ice dispenser. The equipment combination comes as two separate pieces, but is designed for the ice machine cuber head to be mounted on the ice dispenser.

    The Ice-O-Matic CIM0436HW ice machine can produce up to 523 pounds of half-sized cube ice in a 24-hour period. The CIM0436HW's cabinet is 30 inches wide and is considered a Low Profile model since it is only 20 inches high. The Ice-O-Matic CIM0436HW is a water-cooled ice machine and therefore requires a significant amount of water to circulate through the unit to cool the condenser. This water becomes waste-water and must be flushed from the system (up to 132 gallons of water for every 100 pounds of ice produced).

    The Ice-O-Matic CIM0436HW produces half cube ice, which measures 7/8" x 7/8" x 3/8". Half cube ice is often used for dispensing applications because the smaller cubes are less likely to jam the dispenser mechanism. In addition, if your business provides beverages to your customers or employees, you will be able to fit more half cubes per glass (meaning less beverage per serving). Note: the Ice-O-Matic CIM0436HW requires a 208-230 volt electrical connection. It also requires a potable water line in, a second line in for cooling the condenser, and an external drain for any purge water from both ice-making and cooling the condenser. Ice-O-Matic has also included its Harvest-Assist technology in the CIM0436HW to help remove ice more quickly from the evaporator surface,. Harvest assist shortens the ice-making cycle, saving time and electricity each ice-making cycle..

    The Ice-O-Matic CD40030 Hotel Ice Dispenser is a 30-inch wide freestanding ice dispenser with a built-in storage bin. The CD40030 dispenser unit by itself stands at 54 inches tall. Therefore, the dispenser takes up very little wall space, which allows installation in narrow locations with lower ceilings. The Ice-O-Matic CD40030's bin can store up to 180 pounds of ice at one time. The dispenser has a push activation feature, a large dispensing chute, and a wide ice filling area. In addition, Ice-O-Matic's has included its Turbo Dispense technology so that ice is dispensed at a steady speed of 1/4 pound of ice per second. Ice-O-Matic has included these features to allow your customers or employees to quickly dispense ice to meet their needs. The Ice-O-Matic CD40030 hotel ice dispenser's exterior is smudge and fingerprint proof for businesses with heavy ice dispenser use. Note that the Ice-O-Matic CD40030 requires a 115 Volt, 60Hz, 1-Phase electrical power source (the cuber head requires 208-230 volts). The CD40030 also requires an external drain for water leftover at the bottom of the bin (you can use the same external drain for both the cuber head and the ice dispenser).

    The CIM0436HW cuber head and the CD40030 hotel ice dispenser are to be combined with the head on the dispenser. Together, the two pieces combined stand 74 inches high. Both units are 30 inches wide. With these dimensions, and the 523 pounds of daily ice production rate and the dispenser's 180 pound bin capacity, the CIM0436HW-CD40030 equipment combo would be an ideal purchase for a location with limited space and moderate ice requirements.

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    Ice-O-Matic CIM0436HW Features

    • ICE Series Modular Cube Ice Machine
    • 523 LB ice production / 24 hours
    • Half Cube style ice
    • 30" Wide, 20" High - Low Profile Model
    • Water-cooled condenser
    • 208-230v/60/1-ph, 6.4 amps
    • Harvest Assist Provides Consistent Ice production
    • Constructed From Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel and Fingerprint-Proof Plastic
    • PURE ICE Built-In Antimicrobial Protection with AgIon Compound
    • Durable, Electroless Nickel Plating On Evaporator Plate Ensures Reliability

    Ice-O-Matic CD40030 Features

    • Vending Hotel Ice Dispenser
    • Floor Model, Push Activated Dispensing
    • 180 LB Ice Storage Capacity, 30" Wide
    • Turbo Dispense feature Dispenses 1/4 LB Of Ice Per Second
    • 115v/60/1-ph, 2.1 amps
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    Ship Weight 165 LB.
    24 Hour Yield 523 LB
    Condenser Water-Cooled
    Ice Type Half Cube
    Dimensions 20.06" x 30.13" x 24.25"
    Hertz 60
    Phase 1
    Voltage 208-230
    Water Usage 28.9 gal/100 LB
    Ship Weight 220 LB
    Dimensions 53.25" x 30" x 33.5"
    Dispenser Ice
    Storage 180 LB
    Ice Type Cube
    Operation Push Dispense
    Spatial Orientation Freestanding
    Voltage 115v/60hz/1-ph
    Amps 2.1
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