Moffat E23M3/2C 24" Electric Convection Oven w/ Castors & Stacking Kit - 208V

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Shipping Weight 280 lbs.
Dimensions ( H x W x D) 65.13" x 24" x 25.25"
Amps (2) 13.0
Hertz (2) 50/60
Tray Spacing 3-1/3"
Cook Cycle Timer 1 Hour
Pans Capacity 3 Half Sheet Pans
Phase (2) 1
Temperature Range 150°F - 550°F
Voltage (2) 208v

Moffat E23M3 Details

NOTE: This description pertains to the Moffat E23M3. The E23M3/2C features two, double stacked Moffat E23M3 electric convection ovens. This entire product bundle also includes a stacking kit and castors.

The Moffat E23M3 is an electric convection oven that is perfect for those that want to offer bakery quality items on a smaller scale. The small size and relatively low capacity of the Moffat E23M3 makes this electric convection oven a great fit in places like convenience stores and small cafes. Since it measures only 24 inches wide, this electric convection oven from Moffat requires very little space to operate effectively. It can be placed on any countertop or an appropriate oven stand can be purchased to accompany the E23M3. Simply plug in the E23M3 and you are ready to start baking. Convection ovens like this one from Moffat help to cut down food cook times, and also promote a more even bake. They prepare food in a fraction of the time when compared to standard ovens, so the E23M3 is not required to function for a great deal of time, and does not consume as much electricity. The stainless steel exterior keeps this convection oven protected from wear, tear, and other incidental damage while the double paned glass minimizes heat transfer. One of the staples of the Moffat E23M3 is its Turbofan® stainless steel fan. This fan is bi-directional, with the ability to run in two directions, and works to keep air evenly circulated, and create an even heat throughout the cooking cabinet, which will provide more consistent baking results. Since the Moffat E23M3 is capable of holding three 1/2 sheet pans, it is best for smaller scale baking applications.

Moffat E23M3/2C Features

  • Two Half-Size Electric Convection Ovens Double Stacked On A Stainless Steel Base Stand with Castors
  • Full Stainless Steel Base Stand
  • Full Stainless Steel Oven Spacer Frame
  • Guard Rail For Bottom Oven
  • 208 Volt, 50-60Hz, 1-phase

Oven Features (Each)

  • 3-1/3" (85 mm) Tray Spacing
  • Bi-Directional Reversing Fan System
  • Porcelain Interior
  • Safe-Touch Vented Drop Down Door
  • 60 Minute Timer w/ Time Up Alarm
  • Stainless Steel Control Panel, Aluminium Coated Steel Base and Rear Panels

Cleaning (Each Oven)

  • Stainless Steel Top and Sides Continuous Exterior Panel
  • Full Removable Chrome Plated Oven Side Racks
  • Removal Stainless Steel Oven Fan Baffle
  • Easy Clean Door System (No Tools Required)
More Information
Warranty Info
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty on All Components
  • Brand Moffat
    Type Full Size
    Power Electric
    Width 20" - 25"
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