Scotsman ADS-AP2 AquaPatrol Water Filter System (DISCONTINUED ITEM - Several Remaining IN STOCK)

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Scotsman ADS-AP2 Product Details

The Scotsman ADS-AP2 Water Filter System has been DISCONTINUED. It has been replaced by the Scotsman AP2-P (Available Here). However, we have several of the discontinued item remaining in stock and YOU MAY PURCHASE this item.

The Scotsman ADS-AP2 is an AquaPatrol Water Filter System for Scotsman cube, flake, and nugget ice machines. This filter system is compatible with Scotsman cube ice machines with over 650 LB production and with flake and nugget ice machines with over 1200 LB production. The Scotsman ADS-AP2 is equipped with a 10-micron filter to eliminate dirt and sediment particles from your ice machine's water supply. The Scotsman ADS-AP2 injects polyphosphate into the ice machine's water system to slow the progression of scale buildup, which helps to reduce the amount of required machine maintenance.

Scotsman ADS-AP2 Features

  • AquaPatrol water filter system
  • Compatible with Scotsman cube, flake, and nugget ice makers
  • Can be used on cube ice machines with 650 LB production and up
  • Can be used on flake and nugget ice machines with 1200 LB production and up
  • Polyphosphate feed helps prevent scale buildup
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