Scotsman C0530MW-B530S 500 LB 30" Water-Cooled Medium Cube Ice Machine w/ Storage Bin

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  • 3 Years Parts and Labor on All Components
  • 5 Years Parts and Labor On The Evaporator
  • 5 Years Parts and Labor On The Compressor and Condenser
  • 3 Years Parts and Labor On Bin
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    Scotsman C0530MW-B530S Product Details

    The Scotsman C0530MW-B530S is a combination ice cuber head and storage bin lot offered by Scotsman. This combo consists of the Scotsman C0530MW modular ice machine and the Scotsman B530S ice bin. The Scotsman C0530MW-B530S produces a maximum of 500 LB of medium cube ice every 24 hours and stores a maximum of 536 LB of ice. This bundle's ice maker uses a self-contained water-cooled condenser, which ensures cool operating temperatures without the radiation of waste heat. The Scotsman C0530MW-B530S has been engineered to save more water and energy than competing products of comparable ice production and storage abilities. The Scotsman C0530MW is part of the incredibly-efficient Scotsman Prodigy Series line of ice makers, while the walls of the Scotsman B530S are fully lined with polyurethane foam insulation to prevent stored ice from melting. The Scotsman C0530MW-B530S is able to handle a sufficient amount of ice to fulfill the moderate demands of businesses such as bars, small restaurants, and convalescent homes.

    The Scotsman C0530MW-B530S is built to be easy to use and maintain. The Scotsman C0530MW-B530S instantly informs the user of any changes in machine status via the AutoAlert external indicator lights. This package uses Scotsman's AquaArmor anti-microbial technology to protect the health and safety of its users. The metallic antiseptic AgIon compound is infused into each and every part that water or ice contacts during the ice making process, ensuring that your ice does not become contaminated by common disease-causing microorganisms. The ice bin baffle can be removed for cleaning without tools, making bin maintenance quick and simple. The Scotsman C0530MW-B530S makes ice that is clean and safe ice for your customers, patients, or employees.

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    Scotsman C0530MW-B530S Features

    • Yields a maximum of 500 LB of medium cube ice per day
    • Medium cube ice measurements: 7/8" x 7/8" x 7/8"
    • Water-cooled condenser cools condenser without emitting waste heat into the ambient air
    • 30-inch width
    • Stores a maximum of 536 LB of ice
    • Spring-loaded door locks open for quick interior access


    Scotsman C0530MW-B530S Benefits

    • AutoAlert external indicator lights visually communicate machine status to user
    • AquaArmor anti-microbial technology with AgIon halts the proliferation of common water-borne microbes, including bacteria, mold, and algae
    • WaterSense technology actively combats scale buildup by flushing impure water and dirt deposits from machine after every freezing cycle
    • Polyurethane foam insulation preserves ice for extended periods
    • No-tool bin baffle removal makes bin cleaning simple
    • Durable polyethylene bin liner resists damage from falling ice
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    Ship Weight 175 lbs.
    24 Hour Yield 500 lbs
    Condenser Water
    Amps 13.5
    Ice Type Full Cube
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 23" x 30" x 24"
    Hertz 60
    Phase 1
    Voltage 115
    Power Usage 5.0 kWh/100 lbs
    Water Usage/Ice 18.0 gal/100 lbs
    Water Usage/Condenser 160.0 gal/100 lbs
    Ship Weight 150 lbs.
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 44" x 30" x 34"
    Storage Capacity 536 lbs.
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