Scotsman C0530SW-B530S 500 LB 30" Water-Cooled Small Cube Ice Machine w/ Storage Bin

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  • 3 Years Parts and Labor on All Components
  • 5 Years Parts and Labor On The Evaporator
  • 5 Years Parts and Labor On The Compressor and Condenser
  • 3 Years Parts and Labor On Bin
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    Scotsman C0530SW-B530S Product Details

    The Scotsman C0530SW-B530S is a modular ice machine and storage bin bundle from Scotsman. This combo consists of the Scotsman C0530SW ice machine head and the Scotsman B530S ice storage bin. The Scotsman C0530SW-B530S can produce up to 500 LB of small cube ice per day and can hold a maximum of 536 LB of ice. This combo's ice maker utilizes a self-contained water-cooled condenser, which keeps the condenser cool while reducing waste heat radiation. The Scotsman C0530SW-B530S is designed to use as little water and energy as possible while producing high-quality ice. The Scotsman C0530SW is part of Scotsman's highly-efficient Prodigy Series line of ice makers, while the walls of the Scotsman B530S are filled with polyurethane foam insulation to prevent ice from melting prematurely. The Scotsman C0530SW-B530S makes and preserves enough ice for use by businesses such as bars, small restaurants, and small hospital wards.

    The Scotsman C0530SW-B530S is equipped with several features that make it easy to use. The Scotsman C0530SW-B530S provides users with up-to-the-minute machine status updates via the AutoAlert external indicator lights. Scotsman's AquaArmor anti-microbial technology uses AgIon, a metallic antiseptic compound, in the manufacture of every machine part that touches water or ice during the freezing process to prevent common disease-causing pathogens from contaminating your ice. The ice bin baffle is engineered to remove from the storage bin without tools, making cleaning and maintenance faster and easier. The Scotsman C0530SW-B530S produces clean and safe ice for your business that is always ready to serve to your customers, patients, or employees.

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    Scotsman C0530SW-B530S Features

    • Yields a maximum of 500 LB of small cube ice per 24 hour period
    • Small cube ice measurements: 7/8" x 7/8" x 3/8"
    • Water-cooled condenser greatly reduces waste heat radiation
    • 30-inch width
    • Stores a maximum of 536 LB of ice
    • Spring-loaded door locks open for quick bin interior access


    Scotsman C0530SW-B530S Benefits

    • AutoAlert external indicator lights visually communicate changes in machine status to user
    • AquaArmor anti-microbial technology with AgIon kills many common water-borne microorganisms, including bacteria, mold, and algae
    • WaterSense technology reduces scale buildup by flushing dirty water and sediment from machine after every freezing cycle
    • Polyurethane foam insulation prevents stored ice from melting
    • No-tool bin baffle removal makes bin cleaning simple
    • Durable polyethylene bin liner is scratch-resistant for increased wear and damage protection
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    Ship Weight 175 lbs.
    24 Hour Yield 500 lbs
    Condenser Water
    Amps 17.5
    Ice Type Half Cube
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 23" x 30" x 24"
    Hertz 60
    Phase 1
    Voltage 115
    Power Usage 5.0 kWh/100 lbs
    Water Usage/Ice 18.0 gal/100 lbs
    Water Usage/Condenser 160.0 gal/100 lbs
    Ship Weight 150 lbs.
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 44" x 30" x 34"
    Storage Capacity 536 lbs.
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