Gourmet Ice from the Scotsman CU50: Pure Elegance


[posted May 2, 2012]

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As summer approaches, ice will become more and more important to your home or business. Having a reliable ice machine to suit your needs becomes equally important as well. The CU50 from Scotsman is a perfect fit, whether you host summer cocktail parties or barbecues, or as a supplemental ice machine in your bar or restaurant. The CU50 produces Scotsman's coveted gourmet cubes that are sure to be a hit with your guests or patrons.

This undercounter ice machine from Scotsman produces the long lasting, crystal clear, gourmet ice cubes that effectively chill drinks without diluting them. They are perfect for this function, since they allow beverages to retain their flavor and typically last the duration of the drink. This is especially useful on warmer days. The CU50 is conveniently UL approved for outdoor use as well, making a great addition to the deck or patio. If your bar or restaurant features outdoor seating, the CU50 would be an excellent addition as a supplemental ice machine.

The CU50 from Scotsman measures in at 15 inches wide and at less than 35 inches tall, so finding adequate space for it is incredibly simple. This undercounter ice machine produces at a rate of 65 pounds of gourmet ice in a 24-hour period, and it contains a bin with a 26 pound capacity. It is an air-cooled machine and the CU50PA comes with a built-in water pump with a 10-inch hose. The CU50GA is equipped with a gravity drain as opposed to the pump.

Scotsman's CU50 is also very easy to use, and is environmentally friendly. The user friendly control panel alerts users of low water levels and provides alerts when it is time to clean the machine. It also contains a water quality sensor to detect and purge hard or mineral laden water to extend the time between cleaning. The low energy use of the CU50 has garnered it an ENERGY STAR rating and has led it to be NSF approved.

If you require ice in your home or office, the CU50 would make a great addition. It's time to stop waiting for your water to freeze in the freezer, and pick up a Scotsman CU50 today. The gourmet cubes produced by the CU50 add an elegant touch and design to beverages and your guests will be inevitably pleased with the gourmet cubes' performance in their drinks. For the outdoor or beach bar, impress your patrons with the long life of these slow melting cubes that will not dilute their drinks before they can finish them. For more information on the CU50 from Scotsman, you can visit the Scotsman Undercounter Ice Maker page at Ice Machines Plus.

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