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[posted February 27, 2012]

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Scotsman Ice Machines are oftentimes considered top-of-the-line commercial ice machines capable of producing ice for consumer and professional foodservice needs. While this is true, and Scotsman manufactures ice machines and equipment mainly for commercial locations, you can also bring Scotsman's commercial quality to your small business or to your home.

Scotsman Provides Undeniable Commercial Quality

Whether you are a operating a restaurant, work in a healthcare facility, or are seeking to provide ice cold beverages for an educational facility, there are plenty of Scotsman ice machines available to provide you with enough ice to meet your production demands. In many commercial foodservice settings, it is important to have enough daily ice AND for the ice machine to not be an eye sore. With a sleek, stainless steel exterior, you never have to worry about having to place your Scotsman Ice Machine in view of your patrons. The equipment looks clean and flows like modern decor.

In order to meet the demands of a commercial environment, Scotsman provides ice machines in a variety of sizes, most of which allow you to choose the type of ice and the amount of ice produced. Many of Scotsman's current lineup also meets energy saving requirements, like the Prodigy models, while still being able to produce the amount of ice you need, from 200-2500 pounds of ice in a single 24 hour day.

Taking Quality Home with Scotsman

More and more homeowners are looking to the compact, cool and powerful appeal of Scotsman's undercounter ice machines. These small units typically weigh 60 to 80 pounds and are capable of making enough ice for a backyard BBQ or a family gathering. These units are commercial grade, designed for smaller foodservice establishments, hotel suites, and other small businesses. While these ice machines are not classified as "residential units", Scotsman has found that some of their undercounter ice machines - both the nugget ice maker and the gourmet ice maker - are regularly being purchased for residential use.

The NU130 and the CU50 undercounter ice makers were designed with commercial quality for commercial locations, but they have found a way into the residential market because people desire to bring the convenience of ice-making home. The durability of these Scotsman ice machines makes the investment in one of these models a wise choice. Next time you think about having a party or get together at your home, think about how easy it would be to have a quality ice machine on hand, like in commercial foodservice establishments. Think about a one of Scotsman's commercial grade undercounter ice machines.

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