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[posted March 29, 2012]

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There seems to be a belief that size automatically dictates power and productivity. If something is small or compact, it is assumed to be unable to perform at as high a level as its larger counterparts (I wonder if Ferrari or Lamborghini ever ran into problems like these concerning their sports cars). The Scotsman line of undercounter ice machines is here to lay the negative perception attached to being small to rest. If you're looking for a reliable ice machine that can fit in the tightest of spaces, then look no further than Scotsman's commercial grade undercounter ice machines- the CU1526, CU2026, and CU3030 undercounter ice machines.

Scotsman has been making ice and ice machines for over 60 years and their undercounter models are their solution to maximizing production given a small work space. The CU1526 and CU2026 models are just 33 inches tall, 26 inches wide by 27 inches deep. With none of these dimensions over three feet, they are an easy fit just about anywhere. The CU1526 can produce 150 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period while the CU2026 produces up to 200 pounds in the same period. For those with the necessity for a greater production rate, the CU3030 produces 250 pounds every 24 hours, or just under 10.5 pounds of ice an hour. This model comes with at the same depth (27 inches) and height (33 inches) as the aforementioned models, but is four inches wider at 30 inches.

As with many Scotsman ice machines, these undercounter units are ENERGY STAR qualified and also exceed California and Federal energy efficiency regulations. These models use significantly less water than competing cube producing ice machines as well. The fact that they are air-cooled, as opposed to water-cooled positively effects utility bills and makes them better for the environment. Water-cooled ice machines tend to waste more water, and while they may use less electrical energy, the electrical savings rarely make up for costs of the wastewater that drains out.

Scotsman also has a focus on preventative maintenance, meaning they aim to "fix" problems by catching them before they turn serious. This helps to limit the amount of work or service required should a problem arise. The AutoAlert system Scotsman employs can communicate its operating status, as well as signals when it is time to clean, descale, or sanitize your ice machine, ensuring that the machine is properly maintained, and prolonging the life of your ice maker. The location of the air filter on the front of the machine makes it easily accessible in a bind, and the removable top panel makes cleaning a hassle free process.

Of course, should anything happen to your undercounter ice machine, Scotsman has you backed with a three-year warranty for parts and labor on ALL components. There is a five year warranty for parts and labor on the evaporator and five year warranty for parts on the compressor and condenser, so you can rest assured that your machine will be in service for years down the road. Standard with these cubers is Scotsman's Prodigy control board that displays an accurate diagnostic digital code, so that the right fix is applied the first time an issue arises.

The medium or small cubed ice produced by these models is perfect for mixed drinks, soft drinks, and ever increasingly, coffee shops. Given the always-high demand for coffee, cocktails, and soda, a Scotsman undercounter ice machine would be nothing short of satisfying for your business. These small workhorses are a great addition to any establishment that requires ice, and should be considered when deciding what ice machine to purchase. Check Scotsman out at Ice Machines Plus, and lay to rest the idea that stellar performance cannot come from a smaller package.

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