Scotsman C0330 Atop the B530SS: The Right Ice for the Right Moment



[posted August 13, 2012]

Scotsman’s C0330 Atop the B530SS: The Right Ice for the Right Moment    Scotsman

While most foodservice establishments require ice on hand each and every day, there are special occasions where ice is not required on a daily basis. Certain locations that host events or parties may require a large amount of ice only one or two days a week. The wedding or banquet hall is a perfect example of this. While these types of places do not require an ice machine that produces five hundred pounds of ice per day, they may have a three to six hour window on weekends where they require a great amount of ice in a very small timeframe. It would be unreasonable to purchase an ice machine that can keep up with this rate of production, especially if it will only be needed once or twice a week, so you’re best option would be to have ice stored beforehand in a larger bin.

There are many cases that call for a smaller ice machine on top of a larger bin, but this situation is exemplary. With the C0330 and the B530SS bin from Scotsman, all of your ice can be stored easily and be ready for use whenever it is required. While the C0330 only produces around 300 pounds of ice per day, the B530SS can hold around 450 pounds of ice. This means it will take about a day and a half to fill your bin completely, so your ice machine will be allowed a greater amount of down time, and will cost less to operate.

One of the best, optional features that should not be overlooked in for scenario such as this is the Scotsman’s Vari-Smart ultrasonic ice level control. Scotsman Prodigy® ice machines can make use of this technology to control when ice is made, and how much is made. This way, only the freshest ice is created and served to customers. This is one of the many benefits of owning a Scotsman Prodigy® ice machine. These cube producing ice machines use much less water and energy when compared to competing cubers. Your establishment will also save money by storing ice in a larger bin as it is far cheaper to store ice than it is to create it. The C0330 is also ENERGY STAR qualified and will allow for even greater savings on water and energy bills.

The C0330 can create either small or medium ice cubes, the classic ice style that is best for mixed drinks, soft drinks, and water. At the wedding with an open bar, you’ve got to have plenty of ice on hand as mixed drinks tend to flow rather liberally. As people gather together in times of celebration, the ice machine plays a very significant role in keeping the good times rolling. Without a bin like the B530SS, the party may abruptly come to a screeching halt.

With Scotsman’s C0330 on top of the B530SS coupled together, you can have quality ice production for weekends and special events without having to purchase one of Scotsman's larger ice machines. Both of these Scotsman units measure only 30 inches wide, allowing them to fit in the tightest areas. For more information, consult the spec sheets, give us a call, or start a live chat with our ice experts. At, we’re always ready to help you with your ice on any occasion.



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