Sushi Display Cases from the Hoshizaki HNC Series: Wide Selection, Broad Horizons



[posted August 28, 2012]

Sushi Display Cases from the Hoshizaki HNC Series: Wide Selection, Broad Horizons    Hoshizaki logo

One reasons sushi enjoys such immense popularity is that it provides a seemingly never ending selection from which customers can choose. With a variety of ways to prepare sushi, the possibilities are endless. One of the best ways to capitalize on these elegant delights is with a sushi display case from Hoshizaki. Sushi comes in many different, vibrant designs as well, and as you are able to offer a product that appeals to both taste and sight, it makes sense that you would want to show it off prominently.

Growing up, I was a very picky eater. Anything fish-related was essentially on a "no-eat" list. That lasted until the day my girlfriend invited me to her house for dinner when I was 15 years old. Of course I accepted, and of course, this was the night her mother was preparing swordfish for dinner. Well, not wanting to be rude, I had to jump right in, and wouldn't you know it, I loved swordfish. From that point on, I vowed to broaden my food-related horizons, and eventually I arrived at sushi. Like so many others, I started with the California Roll (which I was later informed was "not real" sushi as it contains no raw fish), and gradually expanded my selections to more exotic sushi rolls.

However large or small your sushi operation is, Hoshizaki has a display case that will fit your business. The HRC Series from Hoshizaki provides four different display cases, ranging in size from 48 inches to 83 inches. These display cases from Hoshizaki feature a larger condenser face area for improved cooling. If you've ever had your sushi warm slightly via contact with another warm food, you know how undesirable it can be. These display cases keep your sushi safe for consumption, while it remains in sight of your patrons.

The refrigeration system can be mounted to the left or right on all of the sushi display cases from Hoshizaki's HRC Series. Installation is also incredibly simple with this completely self-contained unit, and can be completed in minutes. Whether you want to store fresh fish ready to be prepared, or entire sushi rolls, both can be easily stored in these refrigerated display cases. It should be noted however, that these sushi cases are not meant for overnight storage, simply for daily display of your fresh fish products.

The refrigerated sushi display case allows you to provide your customers with visual information regarding your product, advertise your selections, and allows your customers to make educated decisions about their meal. These stainless steel sushi display cases will make a great complement to any restaurant, and fit exceptionally well on the countertop. has a quality selection of Hoshizaki sushi display cases to suit your restaurant's needs.



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