Manitowoc's 300 and 320 Series: Different Design, Same Performance


[posted August 1, 2012]

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When Manitowoc began producing ice machines in 1964, they knew that providing a variety of ice machines would appease the masses far better than a standard, uniform design. Ice machines from the 300 and 320 series vary in size and style, but still provide the same reliable production. They vary little in production (by a rate of about 1-1.5 pounds per hour), but ice machines from the 320 series measure eight inches slimmer than those from the 300 series, allowing you to fit an ice machine in tighter areas with spatial limitations.

These ice machines are from Manitowoc's Indigo™ Series, and they feature some of the most refined technology that can be found on ice machines to date. Indigo™ ice machines provide 24 hour feedback regarding your machine's performance. The EasyRead display communicates operating status and relays cleaning reminders to the operator, so upkeep is as simple as reading the illuminated panel. Indigo™ ice machines can also be programmed to produce ice to a certain volume, or to a designated bin level. This way, you can save energy by allowing your ice machine to remain dormant during off-peak hours.

There are four ice machines available from both the 300 and 320 series. The 300 series features the ID-302A, ID-303W, IY-304A, and IY-305W while the 320 series boasts the ID-322A, ID-323W, IY-324A, and IY-325W. All of these ice machines ending with the 'W' suffix are water cooled machines. They provide more reliable ice production under stressful conditions as water is a more efficient cooler of the condenser. Manitowoc water cooled machines however use a staggering amount of water to keep cool, to the tune of 193 additional gallons per 100 pounds of ice created. This can quickly lead to increased water and utility bills.

Air cooled ice machines are noted by the 'A' suffix. These machines produce favorably when conditions are ideal, and are also qualified as ENERY STAR ice machines. When water and air temperatures increase, air cooled ice machines tend to struggle with production however. Manitowoc's air cooled ice machines from the 300 series realize a production decrease of 24%, while air cooled machines from the 320 series drop by a staggering 34%. This can be frustrating if you need consistent ice production, and you may be required to seek a machine outside of these four air cooled models.

These ice machines from Manitowoc produce either standard dice cubes (ID), or half dice cubes (IY). Dice cubes resemble the classic ice cube, while half dice cubes are just that, appearing as if someone cut a dice cube in half down the middle. These cubes are great for mixed drinks and soft drinks as they fit snugly in glasses, and take up extra space to keep product costs down.

Manitowoc's ice machines from the 300 and 320 series will produce anywhere from 310 to 350 pounds of ice per day when conditions are ideal. These ice machines will produce enough ice to sufficiently maintain a small bar, café, or coffee shop. If you are limited with space, ice machines from the 320 series measure only 22 inches wide. The 300 series ice machines measure 30 inches wide, but are shorter in height. The spec sheets will provide additional information on these Manitowoc ice machines, so you can be completely informed on your ice machine before making any purchases.


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