The DCM-750BAH-OS and DCM-750BWH-OS from Hoshizaki: Sometimes You Just Need More Ice  


[posted July 23, 2012]


A few weeks ago, I was pleasantly reunited with some of my close friends from high school and college. We had planned a weekend getaway that took us to Atlantic City. It was a busy weekend in the summer and we had decided to make the trek down from Connecticut. Naturally, we required ice for some of our beverages, but when we went to the ice machine and pressed the lever, we received no ice. When I complained to management they explained that because of the heat and frequent use (the hotel was extremely booked) the ice machine’s production was not keeping up with demand, but we were free to go to the gas station a few blocks away and buy ice there.

Experiences like these are not the ones people tend to write home about, and they can be easily avoided. Hoshizaki for example, provides an ice machine and dispenser combination with the highest production rate available. The DCM-750BAH-OS and DCM-750BWH-OS from Hoshizaki can produce over 800 pounds in a 24 hour period, or at a rate of around 33 pounds per hour. With production like this, you can ensure that all your guests’ ice needs are adequately met.

The DCM-750BAH-OS is an air-cooled unit that produces 803 pounds per day when conditions are ideal. The DCM-750BWH-OS is a water-cooled ice machine that produces up to 744 pounds per day in ideal conditions. Ideal conditions are defined as 70 degree Fahrenheit air temperature and 50 degree water temperature. When air and water temperatures increase, ice machine’s production rates will slow inevitably. The difference between air-cooled and water-cooled machines is their rate in which production decreases when temperatures change.

Under stressful conditions (90 degrees Fahrenheit air, 70 degrees water), the DCM-750BWH-OS water cooled machine’s production will decrease by 12%, whereas the air cooled DCM-750BAH-OS's production falls by almost 30%. Water cooled ice machines however, use up to 100 additional gallons of water per 100 pounds of ice created. This can create an additional 700 to 800 gallons of wastewater on a daily basis. If your area has water restrictions or high water costs, you may be better suited with an air cooled ice machine.

The DCM-750BAH-OS and DCM-750BWH-OS have the ability to both create and dispense ice. The OS suffix stands for "Opti-Serve", a unique design that allows ice to be dispensed without the operator actually touching the ice machine. There are no levers or buttons. The machine simply senses when there is a container that needs to be filled, providing a much more sanitary ice machine. These Hoshizaki ice machines produce small, soft, chewable cubelet ice, a great addition to any beverages and a customer favorite for their flavor-retaining potential.

Hoshizaki has two stands that complement these ice machines perfectly. The SD-700 and SD-750 are both available if you require this unit to be freestanding, or they can sit by themselves on any countertop, and they are just over 34 inches wide.

To ensure only the highest quality ice is produced, the DCM-750BAH-OS and DCM-750BWH-OS make use of the CleanCycle12 feature. This provides a 15 minute purge period where the ice machine cleanses itself of impurities, and essentially “freshens itself up”.

Don’t let your hotel guests go without ice when they need it most. Little inconveniences like this create impressions that enough to put a damper on what is supposed to be an enjoyably time. These ice machines from Hoshizaki have the greatest production rate available out of all ice machines and dispensers on Check them out today, and view the spec sheet to find even more details and features included with the DCM-750BAH-OS and DCM-750BWH-OS from Hoshizaki.


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