The Follett 7CI100A - Your Compact Companion in the Office



[posted July 11, 2012]

The Follett 7CI100A - Your Compact Companion in the Office    Follett

Across the United States, many of us are currently in the grip of a relentless heat wave that shows little sign of breaking. With all the discomfort that this unbearable summer heat brings, it makes sense to offer coworkers and colleagues around the office a bit of relief. What better way to do this than with a new ice machine and water dispenser from Follett? This is not your traditional standup dispenser. The Follett 7CI100A is the most compact commercial grade countertop ice machine available, and can fit virtually anywhere from the conference room to the break room.

The biggest problem encountered when purchasing a new piece of equipment is usually allocating space for it. With the 7CI100A from Follett, these problems are nonexistent. Measuring only 14.6 inches wide and 17.5 inches tall, this ice machine will fit just about anywhere ice and water is required. It is no slouch either; the 7CI100A easily produces up to 125 pounds per day and will provide enough ice to serve up to 25 people.

The ice produced by this ice machine from Follett is known as "chewblet" ice, due to its soft, chewable nature. In a recent study, this ice was found to be more popular among consumers, being preferred more than 2 to 1. It also maintains its popularity for its flavor retention characteristics, with the ability to retain the flavor of the beverage it once inhabited. This provides a tasty, chewable reminder of the iced coffee, soda, or juice that the ice once cooled.

Not only can the 7CI100A be placed almost anywhere because of its compact size, but it also does not require a drain to operate. All that is required is a water line to produce ice and dispense water. Excess water falls into a 20 ounce drip tray, and the ice machine provides an automatic alert when it is time to empty the tray. This ice machine from Follett also uses 50 percent less energy and 70 percent less water to produce chewblet ice versus the amount of electricity and water consumed by standard cube making ice machines.

Operation and upkeep of the 7CI100A is incredibly simple as well. The touch button dispensing system provides more sanitary access to the ice versus using an ice scoop. This self-contained unit keeps everything conveniently in one place: ice machine, ice dispenser, and water dispenser.

For an attractive countertop ice machine that requires as little space as possible to operate, consider the 7CI100A from Follett. With its stainless steel exterior and decorative trim, this ice machine will fit the decor of any office, break room, or conference room. For the people's favorite ice from one of the most compact ice machines around, be sure to go with Follett and the 7CI100A.

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