The GEMU090 from Ice-O-Matic: New Season, New Reason for Pearl Ice


[posted July 19, 2012]

The GEMU090 from Ice-O-Matic: New Season, New Reason for Pearl Ice    Ice-O-Matic logo

One of my favorite aspects about bartending is the ability to create seasonal drinks that are complementary to the weather outside. In the fall, caramel apple cinnamon martinis make their way back onto the menu. When winter arrives, strong coffee drinks become popular once again. Summertime however, offers bartenders the opportunity to flex their creative muscles even more. Items like vodka infused fruit offer a simple and inexpensive way to add a bit of variety to your drink menu. To offer your customers something incredibly unique, consider providing them with a different type of ice in their drinks—Pearl Ice® from Ice-O-Matic.

You’ve probably already got a capable ice machine in the bar providing you with some type of ice cube or crescent cube for mixed drinks and soft drinks. The GEMU090 from Ice-O-Matic provides a completely different type of ice. Pearl Ice, also known as nugget ice, is widely renowned for its soft, chewable nature, and for its ability to retain the flavor of the drinks it helps cool. In the summertime, there is no better ice to have on hand. After enjoying a light cocktail, customers can enjoy the added bonus of munching on some fresh, flavor-filled ice.

The GEMU090 from Ice-O-Matic will give you the chance to offer your customers something that other establishments do not - mixed drinks with Pearl Ice. With the ability to offer something that no one else does, you can easily drive more business to your bar. These drinks can be offered at special or premium prices as well, as demand will surely be higher. Summery drinks like margaritas, mojitos, and bay breezes will be enhanced greatly with the addition of this fancy new ice style.

Measuring less than 34 inches tall, the GEMU090 from Ice-O-Matic will fit easily behind the bar, or under the standard bar-height counter. It is no eyesore either, resembling a small refrigerator, and will blend in seamlessly in any environment. The GEMU090 operates so quietly, you may even forget it’s there. But you will be using it often, so there is no danger of that.

Standard with all Ice-O-Matic ice machines is their exclusive Pure Ice technology. This technology ensures that only the cleanest, freshest ice is produced from their ice machines at all times. This ice machine can produce 85 pounds of Pearl Ice per day, and stores up to 22 pounds in the self-contained bin.

What it comes down to is this: different ice styles excel in different situations. This is one situation where Pearl Ice is an excellent choice. Having an additional ice machine behind your bar to offer special seasonal drinks will excite customers and boost sales. With the GEMU090 from Ice-O-Matic, you can provide your customers with lavish, fresh drinks and sooner than later, these drinks will become the talk of the town.

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