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[posted July 9, 2012]


Having worked in bars and restaurants for almost ten years, I have found that ice is easily one of the most (if not THE most) essential arteries in the restaurant world. It is a necessity for mixed drinks, soft drinks, mixing and shaking martinis, and in some cases storage of opened bottles and containers. The everyday uses of ice in the supermarket and fish market also make it a must-have at all times to properly store and display fresh fish and produce and to avoid spoilage. Scotsman's Ice Express System, including models ICS-1, ICS-2, and ICS-3, allow for easy and convenient storage and transport of all kinds of ice wherever it is required.

Gone are the days when ice must be scooped from a bin into a bucket and lugged around your bar or restaurant. No longer do you need to carry an ice bucket from display to display in the supermarket only to need to refill it minutes later. The Ice Express Systems from Scotsman alleviates all of these issues. With three different sizes, you can load and roll the ice transport carts right to the exact location that you need your ice. The ICS-1 allows for one cart to be rolled under a single bay storage unit. Ice is then filled from the bin into the cart with the oldest ice entering first. Up to 250 pounds of ice can then be rolled easily to the desired location. For additional storage options, the ICS-2 and ICS-3 models are two and three bay units that can contain 1200 and 1700 pounds of ice at any given time, respectively.

The Ice Express System requires an ice machine to be placed on top of the unit. The different models are compatible with many Scotsman units, so you will have an ample supply of whatever ice style you require. Small and medium cubes can be produced from any one of Scotsman's top of the line Prodigy ice machines if cube ice is required in your food service establishment. For produce and fish displays in the market, Scotsman offers a wide variety of flake ice producing machines that would fit on the Ice Express units. The top of the ICS bin is cut to match the ice machine you choose and you need to specify the ice machine you will be using when you order the ICS bin.

In order to provide a quality product, the ICS bins are constructed entirely of stainless steel. The polyethylene carts are durable, scuff resistant, and also insulated so that ice is not lost in transport through high temperature areas. All parts and additional labor required on your Scotsman’s Ice Express System are covered by a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

We at understand that ice is imperative to the success of your business. With the Ice Express System from Scotsman, ice can be stored and moved easily. The need to scoop ice from a modular bin to a bucket is eliminated. Bodily stress is also eliminated, as there is no longer a need to reach deep into a bin, nor are you required to lug around heavy ice-filled buckets, thanks to the wheeled ice carts. For more information on the Scotsman Ice Express Systems or to find the perfect ICS unit for your business, give a call or consult our online experts.

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