The Ice-O-Matic ICE1006FA: More Ice for the Price


[posted August 2, 2012]

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When it comes to high performance ice machines, Ice o’matic clearly has their focus in the right place. While other companies are spending time accessorizing and adding more and more electronics to their ice machines, Ice o’matic’s focus has remained steadfast, and it is clearly noted when we examine the ICE1006FA. This ice machine produces more ice than any other ice machine in the same price range. No matter how much “technology” you add to an ice machine, it isn’t worth a thing if it doesn’t do what you need it to—in this case, produce large quantities of ice to keep your business running.

The ice machine is at the heart of the bar and restaurant. Without it, you have no drinks. Without drinks, you have unhappy customers. If your ice machine fails or falters, your bar can be undone in minutes. Thankfully, with the ICE1006FA, you need not worry about issues such as these. Ice o’matic ice machines face less potential problems because there are less electronics and parts to worry about. This is evident in Ice o’matic’s warranty which is easily the best in the ice machine business.

The ICE1006FA from Ice o’matic was made for the big time. With the ability to produce over 1000 pounds of ice per day, this machine is an absolute workhorse. It is ideal for the larger bar or restaurant. The full ice cubes produced are perfect for cooling drinks, and resemble the standard ice cube. These cubes displace a lot of liquid in glasses, and melt slowly as well, with less of a tendency to water down beverages.

Also standard with any Ice o’matic ice machine is their Pure Ice® technology. This built-in protection system inhibits bacteria growth on the surface of the ice machine. By adding an optional water filter system, you can also greatly increase the quality of ice produced, and lengthen your ice machine’s lifespan. Adding a water filter to the ICE1006FA will also allow you to extend the warranty on its evaporator to seven years coverage. No other major brand comes close to matching this.

It's no picnic being in a situation when you run out of ice. When I used to bartend, I could hear no sound worse than the metal scoop scraping the metal base of the empty ice well behind the bar. When your volume of customers increases to the point that your ice machine cannot keep up, it may be time to consider a new, reliable ice machine, like the ICE1006FA from Ice o’matic. With an Ice o’matic ice machine, everything is made simpler, from the ice production process all the way to the cleaning process. The ICE1006FA allows for simplistic ice production, and offers the most ice for the price.


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