The ICEU300 from Ice o'matic: No Room? No Problem!



[posted August 29, 2012]

The ICEU300 from Ice o'matic: No Room? No Problem!    Ice-O-Matic logo

It is exceedingly rare in today’s frugal society, that you find a product or an ice maker that offers more production for less money. Generally this is what we all look for, but often to no avail. However, when it comes to an affordable undercounter ice maker with above average production, Ice o’matic offers the ICEU300. This ice maker provides the greatest production of any undercounter ice maker available, at around 300 pounds per day. This is more ice than some cuber heads will produce in a single day. If you need an ice maker but don’t have the space to fit a cuber head and bin, then the ICEU300 from Ice o’matic may be the best option for you.

The ICEU300 is Ice o’matic’s largest undercounter ice maker. With that said, it still measures only 39 inches tall with attached legs, allowing it to fit under the standard bar counter. The smallest cuber head and bin combo available from Ice o’matic still measures 48 inches tall and at least 30 inches wide, making the ICEU300 far more desirable in the small bar with spatial limitations.

When compared to undercounter ice makers from other companies, we can see that the ICEU300 produces the most ice in a 24 hour period when conditions are ideal. It can produce up to 309 pounds of ice per day, or around 13 pounds per hour. It also outperforms smaller cuber heads from other brands, making the ICEU300 from Ice o’matic one of the true workhorses of the ice maker world, and it does so without requiring the same amount of space. The ICEU300 also has the ability to store up to 112 pounds of ice in the self-contained bin.

Just as Ice o’matic’s ICEU150 is one of the most popular undercounter ice makers in the home or private bar, the ICEU300 is simply the next step up. All of the standard perks that come with an Ice o’matic ice maker are included as well. Ice o’matic continues to offer the best warranty in the industry, and their Pure Ice® technology allows them to provide the cleanest, freshest ice around. Ice o’matic maintains that their focus is on ice, and nothing else, and this is evident in the fact that their ice makers almost always make more ice than competing models.

The ICEU300 from Ice o’matic is a true undercounter marvel. It is uncommon to come across an undercounter ice maker with such a great production rate, and even rarer that it would be priced cheaper than competing undercounter ice makers. The next time you assess your bar or restaurant’s ice requirements, consider this undercounter powerhouse over a smaller, cube producing ice machine. For more information regarding this ice maker, and other undercounter ice makers, consult our comprehensive guide that compares larger undercounters, or contact our expert staff at



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