The Manitowoc QD-0272A and QY-0274A: Par for the Course


[posted August 3, 2012]

The Manitowoc QD-0272A and QY-0274A: Par for the Course     Manitowoc logo

Last weekend, during a below average round of golf, my friend and I decided we would probably benefit from a quick rest and refresher at the snack bar. We had just finished the fourth hole and our scorecard was already begging to be thrown into the nearest trash can. It was a brutally hot day, and the young woman working at the snack bar could see that the heat was definitely affecting us (at least we were telling ourselves that). So she went to her Manitowoc undercounter ice machine, filled up a couple of cups with ice and water, and served them to us. While our golf game failed to recover, at least we were greeted with some ice cold refreshment on a hot day.

Of course, I had to inquire as to the make and model of the ice machine at the snack bar, which was the QD-0272A from Manitowoc. A compact, capable ice machine is a necessity if you have a snack bar located on your golf course. Whether you simply require ice for drinks, or to top off the coolers of your patrons, ice is always a necessity. While golf is a sport predominantly enjoyed during the warmer summer months, it is important that your course be able to provide golfers with a sufficient way to cool down on hot days. Manitowoc provides undercounter ice machines that allow you to do just that.

Manitowoc provides two air cooled undercounter ice machines that will provide sufficiently for your snack bar. The QD-272A produces dice cubes, and the QY-0274A produces half dice cubes, both of which are fitting in all kinds of beverages. These air cooled ice machines can produce up to 280 pounds of ice per day in ideal conditions. Both are also ENERGY STAR qualified, and do not require as much energy to operate when compared to other, similar undercounter ice machines. In the snack bar on the golf course, you typically do not require huge quantities of ice to be produced every day. With a self-contained bin that can hold up to 100 pounds, you should have sufficient ice on hand to every day.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the QD-0272A and the Q-0274A is its size. With attached legs, these undercounter ice machines from Manitowoc stand only 38.5 inches tall. This is incredibly important as the golf course snack bar generally does not offer a ton of space for which to place a heavy duty piece of equipment. Usually, you have enough room for a refrigerator, a small grill or griddle, and maybe a draft beer system. When space is at a premium, you need an undercounter ice machine that can fit. These ice machines also take in and release air from the front of the machine, and do not require additional clearance on the side and rear to operate.

The QD-0272A and QY-0274A are constructed of stainless steel to provide a durable exterior that will stand up to wear and tear. For easy and convenient access to ice, the bin door slides up and out of the way. These ice machines also feature a flat, right-angle plug so they can fit almost flush against any wall as well. All of these features make the QD-0272A and the QY-0274A great options when considering an undercounter ice machine for your golf course snack bar. For more information, consult the spec sheets or contact one of our experts on standby ready to assist you.



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