The SFA-291 Hotel Dispenser from Manitowoc: Total Control for Your Guests



[posted August 15, 2012]

The SFA-291 Hotel Dispenser from Manitowoc: Total Control for Your Guests    Manitowoc logo

As a frequent traveler, the hotel ice dispenser plays a large role in my life on the road. If there's one thing I dislike about the ice machine that provides an ice dispenser and water dispenser combination, it's the fact that some do not let you choose your ice to water ratio. When I'm allowed two ounces of water, and the rest of my glass is filled to the brim with ice, my thirst is far from quenched. Thankfully, this is not the issue with the SFA-291 from Manitowoc. This hotel dispenser features improved technology and a patented design, so hotel guests can choose individually how much ice and water they desire in their containers.

Another common problem I run into with the hotel ice dispenser involves the sink area. It never seems to be large enough to accommodate the containers given. The last hotel in which I stayed offered a generously large ice bucket for filling but when I brought it to the ice machine, it had to be tilted at a 45 degree angle and could only be filled up around two thirds of the way. With the SFA-291 however, you're allotted 10.5 inches of space to easily fit larger containers under the chute for hassle-free dispensing.

The SFA-291 dispenser can also accommodate many different Manitowoc ice machines as well. You can have up to 650 pounds of ice production per day depending which ice machine you choose to sit atop your hotel dispenser. The SFA-291 hotel dispenser accepts any 22 or 30 inch wide ice machine. Ice machines measuring 22 inches do however require an adapter kit to fit on top of the SFA-291, which measures 30 inches wide. Ice machines from Manitowoc's Indigo™ Series- many of which are ENERGY STAR qualified- are model companions to the SFA-291.

With a 180 pound storage bin inside the SFA-291 hotel dispenser, a full bin will provide enough ice for around 36 rooms. If every guest filled their ice buckets one after another, and each used five pounds (generally the standard amount used required per room) your storage bin would be depleted completely. This rarely occurs however, and if you place an ice machine that produces 600 pounds of ice per day on your dispenser, your storage container can be emptied and replenished more than three times every day, allowing your ice levels to remain at their highest, and for all of your guests to remain cool and satisfied.

Should you desire, Indigo™ ice machines also allow you to program the amount of ice created. Maybe the winter months are not the kindest to your seaside motel, and you do not require your ice machine to operate at full strength. Simply adjust the ice production rate and scale back your ice machine's production to save on electric and water use.

While Manitowoc's SFA-291 will dispense either dice or half dice ice cubes, the half dice cubes tend to discharge from the machine a bit easier, decreasing the likelihood of clogs or jams. Manitowoc's patented rocking chute dispense system also sends ice from dispenser to containers more directly and accurately, reducing in-flight ice and ice spillage. Should there be any spills, the oversized sink area will easily contain them. The next time you are in the market for a hotel dispenser, consider the SFA-291 from Manitowoc. Keep your guests happy and hydrated by giving them the freedom to choose their ice to water ratios.



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