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At Ice Machines Plus, we focus a great deal on undercounter ice machines. We also field a good deal of questions and inquisitions regarding these units, so we try to provide as much information as possible to our customers. Most people looking for an undercounter ice machine are doing so for the first time, and are doing so for personal use. With every major brand producing an undercounter ice machine of some sort, it's important to be as educated as possible before making a purchase. Undercounter ice machines come in different shapes and sizes, produce many different types of ice, and have different varying outputs. The articles and reviews posted below will help you find the best one for your home, office, or business.

Manitowoc NEO Logo

The Manitowoc NEO: The Next (Little) Big Thing is Here

(September 9, 2013)
Before Manitowoc introduced the NEO, the world of undercounter ice machines was pretty much identical. There were some ice machines that made a little more ice than others, but none of them could compete with what the NEO brought to the table. This undercounter ice machine is unlike any undercounter yet created. The NEO allows for delayed ice making on days your establishment will not require ice. It provides alerts when your ice machine requires service, and best of all, it operates using less energy and electricity than previous Manitowoc undercounter ice machines. Read the whole article for more information on Manitowoc's NEO

College Building

Five Appliances to Consider for Your Next Semester

(August 21, 2013)
We felt the need to provide further attention to some of the appliances that have been gaining popularity in the college scene. We recently delivered the Ice-O-Matic ICEU150 to a college frat house in Connecticut, so now we are highlighting some of the other more popular appliances that are making their presence known in the college world. These five appliances are all more compact, smaller units, so they don't need a ton of room to work effectively, but they all excel in their operation.The Ice-O-Matic GEMU090- the famous nugget ice maker - is also examined in this article.

Stop Buying Bags of Ice

Embrace the Ice Machine, Bag the Bag Buying.

(August 12, 2013)
You can never seem to win when you buy bagged ice. It costs too much, melts too quickly, breaks and crumbles, and you always seem to buy too much or too little of it. So here's an alternative - consider one of the many undercounter ice machines available at Ice Machines Plus. With an undercounter ice machine, the bag-buying process is eliminated completely. Spending money on ice probably isn't calculated into your yearly expenses, but if you totaled up every time you went on a picnic, went fishing, or hosted a party or event, the cost can add up quickly. Our ice machines are commercial grade, make all sorts of different ice styles and will last for years, not just a few hours like bags of ice. Read this article and find out if an undercounter ice machine for your home may be a sound investment.

Scotsman Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Countertop Ice Makers: Know Your Options

(June 25, 2013)
In this article we compare four of the most popular countertop ice makers available at IceMachinesPlus. Ice makers from Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Scotsman, and Ice-O-Matic are profiled to give the consumer the information required to make an educated purchase. These ice makers may all look outwardly similar, but they all provide significantly different benefits - from price to ice output. At the end of this article, there is a downloadable image that can be used to easily compare the ice makers side by side.

Scotsman CU50

With the Scotsman CU50, Less is More

(June 13, 2013)
Scotsman's CU50 is an undercounter gourmet ice maker that truly allows owners to do more with less. Gourmet ice is not required in great quantities, only a few cubes per drink, and the lower operating cost allows you to save more money as the CU50 expends less energy making ice. One of the greatest features of this ice maker is that it is approved for outdoor use, so you can truly have ice wherever you want it.

Scotsman Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Countertop Ice Makers Offer Nugget Ice Anywhere

(May 15, 2013)
If there is one drawback to undercounter ice makers, it is the fact that they simply do not produce a great amount of ice on a day to day basis. For an alternative, why not consider one of Scotsman's countertop nugget ice makers like those from the MDT Series? These ice makers take up less space than undercounter ice makers, and can make over 500 pounds of ice per day. Read this article for more information on Scotsman's most popular countertop ice makers.

Snack Bar Concession Stand

Buying an Ice Machine for Your Snack Bar

(May 2, 2013)
Whether you own a snack bar or concession stand, or manage one, there is one necessity that all hot, thirsty patrons require: ice. On a hot summer day with the sun beating down, no one wants to suffer with lukewarm beverages. Consider the options mentioned here and find the best undercounter or countertop ice maker to suit your snack bar or concession stand.

Scotsman NU130 Undercounter Nugget Ice Maker

The Scotsman NU130: One Last Chance!

(April 30, 2013)
If you missed your chance to acquire one of Scotsman's coveted NU130s, you have one last chance to get your hands on one! Scotsman recently came across a few of these undercounter nugget ice makers (less than ten), and we can now offer them at Ice Machines Plus again on a very limited basis. Continue reading for more information, or click through directly to the Scotsman NU130 product page. If you miss your chance to buy an NU130 again, there are a few other viable replacements listed in this article.

Undercounter Flake Ice Machine

The Best Ice to Pack Your Cooler- From a Flake Ice Machine

(April 02, 2013)
Whatever it is that makes you spend hours outside - be it work or play - one thing is usually inevitable, you're going to need to pack a cooler for your food and beverages. Long days on the construction site or day trips to the beach require a cool place to keep your perishable items, and no ice packs a cooler better than flake ice. The undercounter flake ice machines mentioned in this article make between 200 and 500 pounds of flake ice per day while the larger flake ice heads can make nearly a ton of ice in a 24 hour period. Whether you need a lot or a little, nothing beats flake ice for your cooler-packing needs.

Ice Machine on Patio

Prepare the Patio with an Outdoor Ice Maker

(March 29, 2013)
No pool, deck, or patio can call itself complete without one of these outdoor approved ice makers. At Ice Machines Plus, we offer six ice makers that have been approved for outdoor use - from Hoshizaki, Ice-O-Matic, and U-Line. If you can do without the repeated trips inside simply to acquire more ice, give one of these ice makers serious consideration. These units are perfectly complemented by any one of our outdoor approved refrigerators too, making it even easier to enjoy a cool beverage on a warm summer day.

Manitowoc Ice Logo

The Manitowoc QM-30A and QM-45A – Intimate Ice Making in a VIP Setting

(March 25, 2013)
This article pertains more to bar and nightclub owners and specifically, those that offer bottle service or a VIP area for patrons. While traditionally, ice must be supplied by a server, these smaller undercounter ice makers can be placed in a VIP or private area, allowing patrons direct access to the ice they require. These Manitowoc undercounter ice machines are also a good option for private stadium suites and corporate offices. Read on for more details regarding the QM-30A and QM-45A from Manitowoc.

Ice-O-Matic Ice Logo

Get Hospital Ice at Home with the Ice-O-Matic GEMU090

(February 26, 2013)
If you've ever had the displeasure of spending time in the hospital, you probably weren't very impressed. Whether it was an annoying roommate, poor food, or cold nurses' hands, the experience can be a miserable one. One thing that does get raved about however, is the quality of the ice in the hospital. With the undercounter ice machine from Ice-O-Matic mentioned in this article, you can have hospital ice without the annoying trip to the hospital!

Ice-O-Matic GEMU090

The Ice-O-Matic GEMU090: What Are You Waiting For?

(December 13, 2012)
If you haven't already gotten one of the famous Ice-O-Matic GEMU090's, what are you waiting for? This undercounter, Pearl Ice (nugget ice) maker from Ice-O-Matic will be the hit of your next party as it makes America's favorite ice - nugget ice. Read more about the GEMU090 and find out what makes it so popular.

Manitowoc Ice Logo

Manitowoc's RF-0399A Keeps Things Cool

(December 11, 2012)
Flake ice is incredibly versatile, and provides a lot of great benefits to those who use it. Combine these benefits with the quality of a Manitowoc undercounter ice machine, and you've got a winning combination. This article examines the way in which Manitowoc's RF-0399A helps promote items in a display while keeping them cool. Keep reading for more details regarding the RF-0399A undercounter flake ice maker.

Scotsman Ice Logo

Scotsman Ice Machine Reviews

(October 25, 2012)
In this article, six of the most popular Scotsman ice machines are reviewed. Three of them are undercounter units, so if Scotsman is your preferred brand, it may do you some good to research a bit of additional information regarding their undercounter ice machines. These six units all make different ice styles too, so you can find the best one to suit your establishment. Most of Scotsman's cube producing ice machines are ENERGY STAR qualified, and use the least amount of water in the ice making process, making Scotsman one of the preferred ice machines for those wishing to "go green" in their home or business. Read the Scotsman ice machine reviews for more information.

Ice-O-Matic ICEU150

Ice-O-Matic’s ICEU150 Wins the Popularity Contest

(October 24, 2012)
The Ice-O-Matic ICEU150 is by far one of the most popular undercounter ice makers available at Ice Machines Plus. This unit packs a punch, making it perfect for those that don't have a lot of space, but require a decent amount of ice from an undercounter unit. The full and half cubes produced by the ICEU150 are ideal for soft drinks and mixed drinks, making this ice machine a great asset at social clubs or small to midsize social gatherings. Keep reading to learn more about the Ice-O-Matic ICEU150.

U-Line 3018WC

U-Line’s 3018WC: Stockpile Your Winter Wine

(September 25, 2012)
U-Line is as close to the king of undercounter appliances as possible. They provide an exceptional amount of choices for undercounter refrigeration, ice making, and wine storage. This article highlights the U-Line 3018WC Wine Captain. From U-Line's distinguished 3000 Series, this wine captain from U-Line provides many benefits to the wine lover, and makes a quality asset to upscale bars and restaurants. Find out more about the U-Line 3018WC by reading this post.

Undercounter Ice Maker

The Best Undercounter Ice Maker

(August 29, 2012)
This is quite possibly one of the most informative articles we have ever written! If you're looking for the best undercounter ice maker for your home or business, then this article is a must read. We compare the undercounter ice makers with the highest output, and break them down based on size, maximum daily output, water consumption, bin capacity, and performance when temperatures increase. All of these things should be considered before buying any ice machine, not just these undercounter units. If you need to learn more about ice machines and ice makers, continue reading this article.

Ice-O-Matic ICEU300

The ICEU300 from Ice o'matic: No Room? No Problem!

(August 29, 2012)
This undercounter ice machine from Ice-O-Matic is one of the most conservative units available at the moment. It is both compact in size, and conservative in energy consumption. The ICEU300 makes and stores more ice than any other undercounter ice machine at the moment. A true combination of conservation and production, the Ice-O-Matic ICEU300 gives you plenty of ice, without taking up a great deal of space. This unit is the ultimate in conservation in that regard. Read on to find out if the ICEU300 will suit your establishment.

Manitowoc QD-0272A

The Manitowoc QD-0272A and QY-0274A: Par for the Course

(August 3, 2012)
Manitowoc's QD-0272A and QY-0274A are two Energy Star qualified undercounter ice machines. In this article, they are viewed in relevance to their use at a golf course or snack shack- places with lower level or seasonal ice requirements. Continue reading to find out more about these two undercounter units from Manitowoc.

Ice-O-Matic GEMU090

The GEMU090 from Ice-O-Matic: New Season, New Reason for Pearl Ice

(July 19, 2012)
Adding the GEMU090 from Ice-O-Matic to your bar for the start of the summer will let you expand your menu greatly. This unique nugget styled Pearl Ice is light, airy, and refreshing, and will be a great complement to hard and soft beverages. Read more to find out additional information about the GEMU090.

Follett 7CI100

The Follett 7CI100A - Your Compact Companion in the Office

(July 11, 2012)
While not an undercounter unit, the 7CI100A is small enough in stature to be mentioned among other undercounter ice makers. This compact, countertop ice maker uses 50% less energy, and 70% less water than standard, cube producing ice machines, and still finds a way to produce up to 125 pounds of ice per day. Given this unit's small stature, its production is quite impressive. It is perfect for a smaller office, as it is an all-in-one unit: ice maker, ice dispenser, and water dispenser.

Scotsman CU1526

Is Your Undercounter Ice Machine Under-performing?

(June 4, 2012)
There are a few ways to assess your undercounter ice machine: by the amount of space it requires to operate effectively, the amount of ice it makes when conditions are ideal, and the amount of ice it makes when air and water temperatures increase. This article focuses on the hourly production of four major undercounter ice machines, and how they are affected when temperatures rise. If you're in the market for a new undercounter ice machine, this article is a much read. You can also compare prices of these ice machines to find out which makes the most ice per dollar spent.

Hoshizaki KM-260BAH

Hoshizaki Undercounter Ice Machines: Tough and Rugged

(May 29, 2012)
Undercounter ice machines from Hoshizaki are not going to be winning any beauty contests anytime soon. They will however, provide a good deal of ice on a daily basis, and are built to last. Undercounter ice machines like the KM-260BAH are a great choice for those that need ice, have limited space, and do not care a great deal about aesthetic appeal. Continue reading for more information regarding Hoshizaki's tough and rugged undercounter ice machines.

U-Line CLR2160SOD

U-Line Outdoor Units: Convenient and Durable

(May 8, 2012)
U-Line is famous for their undercounter appliances, but less is talked about regarding their outdoor approved undercounter units.These durable units provide an added convenience to your outdoor deck, patio, or pool area. This article mentions Some of U-Line's more popular undercounter ice makers and undercounter refrigerators.

Scotsman CU50

Gourmet Ice from the Scotsman CU50: Pure Elegance

(May 2, 2012)
Scotsman's CU50 is one of the more versatile undercounter ice machines available at Ice Machines Plus. It can be placed indoors or outdoors, operates with lower energy requirements, and creates Scotsman's elegant gourmet ice. These features have led it to be one of the more popular undercounter ice machine. Continue reading for more information regarding the CU50.

Scotsman CU1526

Scotsman Undercounter Ice Makers: Big Performance, Small Package

(March 29, 2012)
Scotsman's undercounter ice machines further prove that you can get high quantity and high quality ice making from even the most compact undercounter ice machines. This article examines three of Scotsman's self-contained, Energy Star qualified, undercounter ice machines. It details their ice production and also examines some of Scotsman's unique features that set them apart from the competition.

Follett 7CI100

Follett Redefines Ice Making

(March 27, 2012)
Follett's unique "satellite-fill" innovation has made it possible to fill your ice storage bin with your ice machine up to 75 feet away! While well known for their undercounter ice makers, Follett's commercial ice machines are also a quality choice if you desire an ice machine "built as ordered". Read more to find out a bit about Follett and this new, unique "ice delivery" system.

U-Line CLR2160SOD

Home Ice Makers - High-End Ice from U-Line

(March13, 2012)
U-Line is well known for their high-end residential ice makers, and this article details some of the more popular units. From durable, outdoor approved ice makers, to sleek, stylish undercounter appliances designed for use in the home, U-Line has something for every taste and style.

U-Line 3036 Beverage Center

U-Line's New Line: The U-3036BVWC

(September 30, 2011)
U-Line provides a great variety of undercounter ice machines and appliances, many of which are Energy Star qualified. In this article, we examine more closely the U-3036BVWC, a wine captain and beverage center combination unit from U-Line's 3000 Series. The 3000 Series provides stylish, functional options for private residences, and the U-3036BVWC is no different. Continue reading for more details regarding U-Line and the U-3036BVWC.

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