Your Ice Machine was Just Delivered


When you receive the delivery of your ice machine equipment, after you inspect your shipment and everything looks good, what should you do next?

Here are three steps you ABSOLUTELY should take as soon as the equipment is out of the box.



Schedule a PROFESSIONAL, factory-trained or manufacturer-authorized installer to hook up your equipment in the location you have selected.

Click on one of the links below to go to the manufacturer's website to find your closest authorized service/installation company.










If you choose to have someone else do the installation, be sure that they are professional and knowledgeable.  You will need someone with both electrical and plumbing expertise.


Reminder: During your installation of your ice machine equipment, make sure you have installed a new water filtration system or at least changed the water filter cartridge on your existing water filtration system.  Also make sure that if you do use an existing system that it is rated properly for the ice maker you have purchased.



As soon as your ice machine equipment is installed, you should Register for the warranty on the manufacturer's website.

Most manufacturer's require the model and serial numbers from your equipment.  They also want to know the date of installation and in some cases the date of purchase.

You will also need to provide the name and location of the company you purchased the equipment from:  Ice Machines Plus, 312 Murphy Road, Hartford, CT 06114.

Click the appropriate link below to visit the manufacturer website to register for the warranty of your ice machine equipment.

Ice-O-Matic Warranty Registration

Scotsman Warranty Registration

Hoshizaki Warranty Registration

Manitowoc Warranty Registration

U-Line Warranty Registration

Follett Warranty Registration

Kloppenberg Warranty Registration (Requires a Phone Call to the Manufacturer) - 303-761-1615 Main Office  |  303-789-1741 Fax Number  |  800-218-1819 Toll Free



Set up an ongoing schedule for the regular cleaning of the ice machine and the ice storage bins.  Ice machines typically require a full cleaning, using the clean or wash setting, every 6 months.  Cleaning will be required more often if you have harder water which can lead to faster mineral sediment or calcification.

Ice storage bins should be regularly sanitized and wiped down at least once a month.  If you notice any mold or other growths in the bins, do not wait - perform a full cleaning of both the bin and the ice machine.

Also include a schedule for the replacing of water filter cartridges (typically every 6 months).


Nobody likes to do the ice machine cleaning, but you have made an investment.  Protect it from the beginning.  Make the schedule and post prominently or save it electronically with an alert setting that goes off before the cleaning is due.


If you follow these steps from day one, you will see much better performance from the equipment you have purchased.



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