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Water Filter Store - 3M Cuno


Icemachinesplus.com offers a full line of Cuno water filters. A Cuno water filter is ideal for food service water filtration. Cuno water filters are used in commercial food service applications such as coffee, tea, Cold Beverages, and ice machines. Cuno water treatment is designed to give Consistent, high quality hot and cold beverages, all the while reducing corrosion, sediment and scale build-up. When only the best will do use Cuno water filters! Cuno is part of 3M™ Purification Inc. We have a price match guarantee plus expert customer service, competitive prices! Call 877-900-4423.

Water Filter Store - Everpure


Everpure has long set the standard in commercial water filtration systems. Icemachinesplus.com is proud to offer a full range of Everpure water filters because Everpure consistently fulfills its mission to deliver “better water management from start to finish.” Everpure water filters always deliver pure, clean water for drinking, cooking, ice making, and countless other home and commercial applications.With a full line of commercial products, Everpure meets the water filtration needs of virtually any business. More than merely a water filter company, Everpure provides businesses with the water purification solutions they need to maintain the highest standards of quality. Look to Everpure for any of your water, fountain soda, coffee or espresso filtration needs.

Water Filters - Assurance


Water filters are an incredibly important part of preventative maintenance for your ice machine. Without a water filter, scale may build up, causing machines to break down and require maintenance sooner than expected. Water filters also remove foul smells and odors from your ice, along with chemicals and sediment deposits. A quality water filter will provide your customers with the freshest, best tasting ice around. With our selection of water filters from Cuno, Everpure, Scotsman, Ice-O-Matic, and Hoshizaki, we can assure that your ice machine will operate more efficiently, and require less service than it would without a quality water filter.

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