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Cuno water filters are produced by 3M Purification Inc. The water filters offered by Cuno can be used for a variety of appliances, from iced tea to ice machines. A Cuno water filter will ensure that only the highest quality beverages and ice are served at your establishment. They will also help reduce corrosion, sediment, and scale formation on appliances, allowing them to last longer, and require service less frequently. Cuno water filters are just one facet of the many that come from the 3M company. Cuno provides water filters and replacement cartridges for a variety of appliances and offers specialized filters and cartridges for ice machines, espresso machines, and tea brewers. No matter what you require a filter for, 3M Cuno is sure to have it. Cuno water filters will free your ice or beverages from impurities and minerals, and ensure that only the best flavors are enjoyed by your customers. Shop 3M Cuno Water Filtration at We have a price match guarantee plus expert customer service and competitive prices! Call 877-900-4423.

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Water is often challenging to filter and, depending upon the source, can vary due to security of its source. Seasonal variations can often impart new challenges in a process that has historically run smoothly. This is why 3M has developed an extensive range of depth filters that deliver exceptional dirt-holding capacity and high flow rates to assure the quality of water used in the production of beverages. 3M filters address the challenges of improving clarity, taste and odor as well as bacterial removal.

3M Purification products can be configured to meet the flow rates from niche small scale producers up to large scale, high capacity production plants.

In addition to water, 3M has further solutions specifically for the filtration of concentrates, high viscosity syrups, sweeteners and natural extracts used in the flavoring of Soft Drinks as well as gas filtration for carbonated drinks.

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