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Through Everpure's unique Total Water Management program, they have been working to ensure that only the freshest, cleanest, best tasting water is used with all appliances that require water in the foodservice industry. Everpure filters focus on filtering out contaminants that affect the taste and appearance of consumable water, and also filter out other impurities that can damage your equipment over time. These filters ensure that your water is always clean, clear, and consistent. Shop Everpure Water Filtration at IceMachinesPlus.com. We have a price match guarantee plus expert customer service and competitive prices! Call 877-900-4423.

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Everpure has water filtration products for multiple areas of a typical foodservice establishment:

MULTI-EQUIPMENT Configurations

Everpure - NSF Certified Water Filtration

NSF Certification

NSF International sets industry standards for water filtration systems. Everpure precoat filters have been tested and certified to meet NSF's highest ratings for both health and "aesthetic" standards. Everpure precoat filters are certified under NSF Standard 42, Class I for aesthetic (taste, odor) qualities and are certified under NSF Standard 53 for health qualities. This means a reduction in chlorine and other chemicals, lime, calcium and other dissolved minerals, dirt particles, and organic materials such as Giardia cysts or Cryptosporidium. Check each Everpure product for the specifications on what it reduces and filters out.

About Everpure - History


Founded in 1933 as Tested Appliances, Everpure has been dedicated to ensuring that every glass of water you serve in your foodservice establishment is sparkling clear. The basis of their success is their precoat technology. With a focus on improving water, Everpure has developed their proprietary Micro-Pure precoat technology for a higher level of filtration. Everpure is a part of the Water Technologies Group of Pentair, the global water and thermal management solutions company.

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