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Section 6. Which Commercial Ice Machines Will Meet My Needs?

Shopping By Production Rate


Ice machines are identified by how much ice they produce in a 24 hour period. This page was created to help you find the ice machine that will produce the exact amount of ice that you need. It should be noted that the rates that most manufacturers show are for ice production under optimal air and water temperature conditions - 70 degrees Fahrenheit for air and 50 degrees Fahrenheit for water. The conditions may in your facility may be warmer than these ideal operating conditions, so you should anticipate that the ice machine will produce less ice than the stated daily production rates. (You can see what your ice machine will produce under stressful conditions by checking the spec sheet.) To compensate for the temperature in your establishment, when you are looking at models based upon ice production rates, allow up to a 20% decrease in production for water-cooled units and up to 30% decrease for air-cooled units under hot conditions.

All commercial ice maker manufacturers include ice production rates for their machines under more typical "real world" conditions. The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) has set 90 degrees Fahrenheit for air and 70 degrees Fahrenheit for water as standard conditions so that you as a consumer can accurately compare various ice maker models and various manufacturers based on these adjusted temperature conditions. The AHRI certified production rates are closer to the actual conditions your ice maker in which your ice machine will operate. AHRI ratings (as mentioned above) are included in ice machine specification sheets, so be certain to review them when looking for a new ice machine.

If you know how much ice you are going to need each day, (See Sections 4 and 5, if not) then use this page to narrow down your ice machine selection. Note that all of the ice machines and production rates listed below are for ice machines operating in ideal conditions. Consult the individual spec sheets for exact ice production rates.


You can come back to this page to browse ice machines that have the production rate you have determined that you require. Pay close attention to the AHRI air and water temperature ratings on the specification sheets (see Section 8 for further information).

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