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Section 11. Will I Need A Water Filter System?

Water Filtration for Ice Machines


A water filtration system, either installed in the water supply line to the ice machine or built into the ice machine itself, will remove mineral sediment such as calcium and lime and prevent scale formation.  The water filter also keeps out parasites and other bacteria such as slime fungus, removes odor, and creates a tasteless ice that will not change the flavor of beverages. With proper water filtration, you can remain confident that the ice you are providing to your customers or guests is pure and free from any contamination that might change the taste of their beverage or make them ill.

Regularly removing sediment will also increase the lifetime of your ice machine.  The cause of many ice machine breakdowns can be traced to issues with the water supply.  Therefore, if you know your water has a high mineral content, invest in a good water filtration system to prevent build up on metal surfaces which causes wear and tear on your machine, possibly prohibiting ice from forming properly. Keep sediment build-up problems from occurring and replace the water filter cartridge frequently. Nearly every ice machine manufacturer recommends / requires that you change the water filter cartridge at least every 6 months, more if you have heavy water or low-quality water.

Note that some manufacturers, such as Ice-O-Matic, will extend the warranty on the evaporator of your ice machine if you also purchase their brand of water filtration system and keep to their regular schedule of changing the filter.

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