Product Reviews

Professional Reviews has foodservice industry professionals on staff both as customer service team members and writers. We review individual products to help you with your decisions, outlining the benefits or drawbacks of various models.'s professional reviews are an analysis of the product or equipment and how it might work in your particular location or application. Professional reviews will tell you the differences even between models that are very similar, so that you as our customer can make better informed choices. Look for the Professional Review on each product's page.

Customer Reviews of Products and Shopping Experience invites every customer who has made a purchase on our website to review the product(s) directly on the product page. If a customer has had a great experience with their purchase, we encourage them to write a short review of the product and describe their experience shopping on If a customer has been dissatisfied with any part of their shopping experience, from navigating the website to receiving their ordered items, we want to hear about it so we can address whatever has caused their purchase to have been less than an excellent customer service experience. We want to know how you as a customer rate the product and your experience with us. We pride ourselves on individual customer service and therefore we need to know if and when a customer's experience was not satisfactory so we can improve.