Shipping and Delivery Policy


Shipping Charges:

The shipping charge is calculated within our system based on the dimensions, weight, freight class, and by zip code. Our freight calculator communicates with multiple freight carriers to determine the lowest rates available to your location including our volume discount.

Free Freight: offers free freight on select items, as indicated on each product. This offer applies only to the 48 continental states and includes basic delivery charges. Expedited shipping or shipping to Alaska or Hawaii will not qualify for the free shipping promotion and will incur additional charges.

Free shipping is Standard “curbside delivery” only.

Standard Delivery:

All Standard shipments are “curbside delivery” only, unless otherwise specified. This means that the delivery driver will only drive to the property’s receiving dock or as close to the entrance as possible. Larger pieces of restaurant equipment will be delivered on a tractor-trailer truck. If you do not have a forklift or a "truck-height" receiving dock for a truck to back up to, you will need some way to get the shipment down from the vehicle. The driver will only move large equipment to the opening at the back of the tractor-trailer and is not responsible for removing the order from the vehicle.

Liftgate Service:

This service can be arranged in advance for an additional $50.00 during the order checkout process. Liftgate Service deliveries arrive on a truck outfitted with a special motorized lift on the back. With Liftgate Service, the driver is only responsible for lowering the shipment to ground level, and you will be responsible for the merchandise once it is lowered to the ground. If you have not paid for the additional service of liftgate delivery, then you will be responsible for removing the item from the truck. Note that inside delivery, uncrating or installation is NOT included in Liftgate Service.  You must specifically request Liftgate Service prior to placing your order.

Liftgate Fees are NOT included in free shipping promotions. Liftgate service costs will be charged to the customer in addition to, and if necessary, after any other delivery charges.

Definite Delivery:

For an additional fee, our Freight Carriers will deliver at a specific time. Please contact our Customer Service at 1-877-900-4423.

Delivery Appointment:

For an additional fee, our Freight Carriers will call you in advance to coordinate delivery. Please contact our Customer Service at 1-877-900-4423.

Residential Shipping:

Deliveries made to residential destination addresses will incur an additional $45.00 shipping charge from the freight carrier.  This increase in freight will be charged to the customer.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to identify the shipping address as residential. If the shipping address identification provided by the customer during the order process turns out to be incorrect, IceMachinesPlus will charge the customer the increase in freight costs upon receipt of the delivery charges from the freight carrier.

Residential addresses may not be easily accessed by a freight truck and may require special arrangements.  For example, if you do not have a truck-height loading dock, you may desire Liftgate Service.  Please call IceMachinesPlus at 877-900-4423 for information and a freight quote before placing your equipment order.

Notice to Residential Customers’s primary customers are those in the commercial food service industry. We will typically ship most products to residential customers. However, before placing an order for a residential location, please consider the following information:

Commercial Refrigeration and Cooking Equipment

It is important to keep in mind that many of these items may not meet your expectations when installed in your residence. Commercial cooking and refrigeration equipment:

  • That you install in a non-commercial setting would void the equipment Manufacturer's Warranty and very likely your homeowner's insurance as well.
  • Is designed for functionality and heavy use in the commercial food service industry. Equipment may not meet your expectations in terms of the way it looks or how it operates.
  • Is often much louder than a comparable non-commercial piece of equipment.
  • Typically consumes much more power than equipment designed for the residential consumer.
  • Is meant for installation in a commercial location and as such is not insulated as thoroughly as residential equipment.
  • Often generates much more heat. Many pieces of commercial equipment also require a ventilation hood system and possibly a fire-suppression system per local fire and building codes. You may be in violation of these codes if you try to use the equipment in a residence or other non-commercial location. reserves the right to deny shipment for residential usage. If we or the Manufacturer determines that the equipment is not suitable for residential usage, you will be notified as soon as possible.

If you have any question about the suitability of a particular piece of equipment you're considering for non-commercial use, please contact one of our Customer Service Team Members.

Note: We are unable at this time to ship directly to residential addresses that are considered "apartments" by commercial carriers. All orders with delivery addresses flagged by a carrier as "apartments" will need to be cancelled. You will be notified of the cancellation and your purchase will be refunded. Please consider using an alternative delivery location at the time you place your order.

Special Location Delivery Charges is a commercial Web site selling primarily to commercial accounts.  Deliveries made to non-commercial destinations designated by the Freight Carrier as LIMITED ACCESS LOCATIONS are considered "special locations" and will incur an additional $118.00 delivery charge from the Freight Carrier. This increase in freight will be charged to the customer and overrides any "Free Shipping" policy that may apply to your order.


  • Educational institutions
  • Religious institutions
  • Individual storage units
  • Construction sites
  • Fairs or carnivals
  • Prisons and correctional facilities
  • Military bases/installations
  • Mining sites
  • Airports
  • Commercial locations not open to general public during typical business hours
  • Locations requiring Security Inspections prior to delivery

It is the responsibility of the customer to properly identify the shipping destination as a LIMITED ACCESS LOCATION.  If the shipping address identification provided by the customer during the order process turns out to be incorrect, IceMachinesPlus reserves the right to back charge the customer the increase in freight costs upon receipt of the delivery charges from the freight carrier.

Please call IceMachinesPlus at 877-900-4423 for information and a quote before placing your equipment order.

International Shipping:

We do not ship direct to destinations outside of the United States at this time. However, if you have made arrangements with a freight forwarding service, you can have your purchased items shipped to them for further handling and shipping to your international destination.  Please note that we are unable to supply a freight forwarder for you. Please call us at 877-900-4423 to set up a shipment per your freight forwarder's requirements.

Processing Time:

Products marked "Ships same day if ordered by 2:00 PM EST leave our warehouse within 24 hours of order processing. Orders placed after 5:00 PM MST will ship on the next business day. Orders placed on weekends and public holidays will ship on the next business day. If item quantity exceeds available warehouse stock, processing time may be delayed.

Receiving Instructions:

For receipt of freight shipments, you, the customer, are responsible to follow these specific instructions before you, or the person that receives the freight shipment, signs the Receipt of Delivery or the Bill of Lading from the freight carrier driver. We will not be responsible for orders that are not fully inspected per our instructions.

Standard Delivery:

Standard delivery, also known as curbside or “non-liftgate” delivery, involves the delivery driver pulling the truck to the curb of your business or to your receiving / loading dock. They will attempt to bring the truck as close to your entrance as possible. You will be responsible for removing the merchandise from the truck yourself. The driver is not expected to remove the item from the truck or to bring the item inside. If you do not have a loading dock, or the item is excessively heavy, we do not recommend moving the item without assistance. It is recommended that you consider beforehand whether or not you will require Liftgate Service.


The first step should be to inspect all packages to insure you have received the exact quantity of items that you ordered. If there are any shortages, you are responsible to note any shortages on the Bill of Lading while the delivery driver is physically present.

Inspection of Goods:

You are responsible to inspect all of the packages and the equipment/products inside of the packaging at the time of delivery. As the recipient, you may spend as much time as necessary to uncrate or remove packaging, to ensure the product is in acceptable condition. If you decide to wait to inspect the packaging or unpack any of the items in the shipment after the driver has left, you will be responsible for any damages that are either in plain sight on the outside of the packaging, or if there are concealed damages that are not obvious until you unpack the items. After unpacking, carefully inspect the items. Check all panels for dents and dings, paying extra attention to corners. Check any exposed pipes, tubes and coils closely for possible damage. Check to make sure all glass is intact. If you find any significant damage or missing parts, call the Customer Service Department immediately at Toll Free 1-877-900-4423.

Damage Policy:

If any of your order is damaged, note the damage on the delivery receipt/bill of lading while the driver is there. You must be as specific as possible when noting damage. This is crucial in distinguishing if the damage is on the outside of the packaging or if it is on the actual item that you have unpacked in front of the driver. Always take photos of any damage that has occurred to be prepared for an inspection from the freight carrier company. Do not throw away any of the original inner or outer packaging.

Concealed Damage:

In the case of damage to the item and not the outside packaging, this is considered concealed damage. If the driver has already left your delivery location, the freight carrier has no evidence that the item was harmed while in their possession. If any damage is discovered, you must keep the original outer packaging as well as inner packaging. Then, request inspection immediately from the freight carrier plus make a written request to the freight carrier. This must be reported to the Freight Carrier immediately.

Damaged Items:

If you sign your name on the freight bill without noting any damages, then you are stating that you have received your order/ shipment in acceptable condition. Once this has occurred, there is no possibility of filing a freight claim, and there will be no reimbursement of freight charges, order costs or any other charges incurred by you from Once you have signed the Bill of Lading that your shipment arrived in acceptable condition, the item(s) belong to you. You MUST contact our Customer Service Department. You MUST contact our Customer Service Department at Toll Free 1-877-900-4423 immediately, while the delivery driver is present to report any form of damages. They will instruct you on how to proceed with reporting the damages. If there is a possibility of minor repairs or "cosmetic" damages, Customer Service may be able to assist with ordering replacement parts or panels if applicable. Please have your order number available so that we can assist you as quickly as possible. Please contact Customer Service at Toll Free 1-877-900-4423 by the end of the next business day to report a refusal, so that we may promptly submit a replacement order for you.

Refused Shipments and Unauthorized Returns:

You will be responsible for full freight charges and applicable fees going both ways plus a minimum 30% re-stocking fee for shipments that are Refused for any reason other than damage (not applicable to items damaged in storage) or if the shipping error was made by

Redelivery/Storage Fees:

If the freight carrier attempts delivery and is unable to deliver for reasons that are within your control, redelivery fees may apply. (THIS COULD BE AS MUCH AS $500.00, DEPENDING ON THE CARRIER). If the carrier attempts delivery with no acknowledgement from the recipient, the goods will be reconsigned to a new address or returned to the manufacturer. Return shipping charges will be your responsibility and will need to be paid in full before redelivery is attempted. In the event you have the freight carrier store your order for any amount of time other than the standard transit time, then the freight carrier reserves the right to bill you storage fees directly. If the freight carrier bills these fees to, we reserve the right to bill those charges back to you. You will also be responsible for damages that may happen during storage. Should you decide to keep any order that is damaged during storage, our Damage Policy will be followed. Should you decide to refuse any order damaged during storage, our Refused Shipments Policy will be followed. Please contact Customer Service at Toll Free 1-877-900-4423 in the event of redelivery or reconsignment.

Cancelled Orders:

If you decide to cancel any part of your order after it has been shipped, please note that you will be responsible for the full amount of roundtrip shipping and handling charges, plus any applicable restocking and repair fees. Custom & Special Orders: If you have placed an order for a custom or special order item, it may be cancelled only before it enters the production period at the manufacturer. After the custom or special order has entered the production period, you will be responsible for the shipping costs and order amount, and you will not be entitled to any refunds, credits or exchanges. In addition, once an order has shipped and payment has been processed, we do not refund taxes, even if the order is cancelled. Please contact Customer Service at: Toll Free 1-877-900-4423 with any questions.