Security Policy

Online Security takes your online security very seriously.

The protection of your personal information and credit card data is of the utmost importance. guarantees that your online purchase will be 100% secure. Our website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which is an encryption technology that encodes and protects your information.

Purchasing online with is more secure than shopping at a local "brick and mortar" restaurant equipment and supply store. The personal information that you provide in order to make a purchase is stored in an electronic format that a limited number of individuals can access. At a "brick and mortar" store, unauthorized personnel may have access to your information. On, the only personnel that see your information are those who need it so that they can fulfill your order and ship it to you. team members do NOT have access to your credit card information because there is no human handling of your credit card or credit card data. When you enter your credit card information in the online checkout, it is immediately encrypted electronically and can only be decrypted or read by an authorized computer such as those at your credit or banking institution.

Purchasing Online with is Safe and Secure.