Pizza Prep Tables

Pizza Prep Tables are designed to streamline the pizza creation process. These refrigeration units are horizontal, serving as both storage space and a work space. Below the counter top are refrigerated compartments, which can be access either by doors or drawers depending on the model. Any toppings can be preserved in the refrigerated compartments, allowing you to have access to everything you need to prepare a pizza in a single piece of equipment.

The top of the pizza prep unit incorporates additional ingredient storage and a cutting board/pizza assembly area. The ingredients are stored in food pans which are kept cool by refrigerated air that is circulated beneath and around them in a cut out area in the unit's top. A hinged top can be lowered over the food pans to protect them and keep cold air in. A long cutting board allows space for prepping toppings as well as placing pizza dough so you can pile it on.

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